100% Pure Tinted Moisturizer | Review

100% pure tinted moisturizer fruit pigmented vegan natural makeup

Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer by 100% Pure in shade: Creme   Vegan & Cruelty Free   $45


I am a no-makeup makeup kind of girl. Of course, I once had a love affair with an everyday look that was rather dramatic (and horrific in hindsight, may I add), but these days, I just want to look like myself. Yes, just me with perfect complexion and a glow so heavenly, angels would weep at the sight. Okay, perhaps I haven’t lost my dramatic flair after all…

My base of choice for the last six months has been this fruit pigmented tinted moisturizer by 100% Pure. The name is no exaggeration, their products are made with the finest natural ingredients that are a green beauty lover’s dream. This base also offers SPF, which is a nice bonus. 

I have quite dry skin, so although this product is nourishing, I still apply a thin layer of jojoba oil beforehand. For a sheer application, I recommend applying it directly with a sponge. For fuller coverage, it is best to first apply the product with fingertips (like you would with any other moisturizer) and blend out with a sponge, which is my preferred method. A second layer can be easily applied to achieve medium coverage.

This tinted moisturizer does a great job of creating a natural glow and evening out your complexion, but lacks in spot coverage as most products of this nature do. Pictured below is one layer and while it did tone down the redness on my cheeks and nose, my dark circles and spots are relatively untouched. A second layer does help minimize them, but do not expect it to fully conceal stubborn problem areas! 

The finish is natural and dewy, giving the skin a soft healthy glow. I personally love that my freckles still shine through. It enhances your skin rather than covering it up. Initially, it can feel a bit heavy on the skin, but that soon subsides and it wears beautifully throughout the entire day. If your skin is oily, it may be a bit too moisturizing and break down with wear time. I recommend setting with a powder to counteract this, or simply avoiding the product altogether as it is best suited for normal to dry skin. 

100% Pure did not disappoint with this tinted moisturizer. If you’re looking a quick way to look fresh and subtly radiant, look no further. Check out all of their other products here and stay tuned because more 100% Pure will be making its way into my makeup bag and on to the blog soon!


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