10 Winter Wardrobe Essentials


It’s very fitting that there’s a snowstorm as I’m writing this.

Here are ten key pieces to ensure a toasty warm winter! They’re functional and oh so necessary.

1. Mini Dresses/Longline Tops


I promise these aren’t LA winter essentials! One way to make a sweater and jeans outfit more dynamic is to layer with a dress or top. It adds another texture and can balance the bulk of a sweater. Plus you get more wear out of summer pieces.

2. Fitted Boatneck Thermal Tops



Thermals are great for adding warmth under thin garments. Look for one with a slim fit and boatneck to make it undetectable.

3. Fleece-lined Leggings

Need I say more? Life. Changing. I love to layer these under dresses and even trousers on those crazy cold days.

4. Oversized Sweaters


Some days you just want to be swallowed in knitwear. I understand and suggest you go with a high collar for extra snug vibes and protection from the wind.

5. Thigh High Socks


When paired with fleece leggings, these are a great way to add texture and a bit of quirkiness while still staying warm. I don’t like to give up wearing dresses in the colder months, and the socks and tights combo means I don’t have to.

6. Plain Beanies



I know it doesn’t sound very exciting, but you’ll be thankful you have them. Sure, ones with giant pompoms are cute, but for me at least, that isn’t everyday wear.

Bonus points because you don’t have to do your hair!

7. Fitted Turtlenecks



Only within the last year did I buy my first black fitted turtleneck and I have to wonder what was I thinking? They make a great outfit base and look chic under dresses and tops, especially those with statement necklines.

8. Oversized Scarf


When you have to crawl out of bed to go outside, just wear a blanket around your neck. Because it makes such a statement, it makes even the most boring outfits look more put together.

9. A Solid Pair of Shoes with Tread


There’s nothing like falling on ice to make you regret your shoe choice. Slip on something substantial instead and spare yourself from landing on your ass. It will bruise.

10. Something Fun and Festive

Break out your favorite hat, Christmas sweater or statement faux fur. It’s so easy wear dark and neutral colors all winter long, so remember to have some fun and celebrate the season!

I hope you found this guide helpful. Sweatshop free examples of most items are linked.

Time to go brave the snow,



4 thoughts on “10 Winter Wardrobe Essentials

  1. I have to agree with this post, I just moved away from somewhere cold to where it only gets moderately cold but I still dress up in all the cute, cold weather clothes when I can!


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