New Blogger Talk, Update & Playlist


Hello indeed! This is the first post I’ve written that’s, well, a bit of a heart to heart. I don’t have a typical post this week and I want to talk about why as well as tell you what’s to come and share a Spotify playlist. Let’s do it.

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4 Easy Vegan Recipes


Lately, I’ve been turning to the same few meals over trying out new recipes. Honestly, the beginning of the semester has left me a bit drained of energy and creativity. I know I’ll get back on top of things, but for now, I need all the shortcuts I can get! Not only is this an easy post for me to put together, but it finally gives me a chance to talk about food. All of these recipes are quick and easy and of course, 100% vegan.

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How to Make a Vision Board


Happy 2017! New year, new intentions. With so many of us making new years resolutions, I invite you to take on a different methodology this year. No more making a list of goals and shoving it in a drawer to forget about when February rolls around. Last year, I made a vision board and it was amazing. This year, I’m sharing my process. Let’s get started.

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What I Read Last Year


2016 is gone… and I didn’t read a single novel for pleasure. Maybe that doesn’t seem like a very big deal, but it feels as though I lost touch with my roots. Growing up I was a little bookworm. I had a book with me every day at school and if I had any spare time, you better believe I was reading. In high school I got away from it and once I broke the cycle, I never bounced back. 2015 was the last year I read consistently, so I’m looking back at it to gather motivation for reading in 2017!

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