How to Make a Vision Board


Happy 2017! New year, new intentions. With so many of us making new years resolutions, I invite you to take on a different methodology this year. No more making a list of goals and shoving it in a drawer to forget about when February rolls around. Last year, I made a vision board and it was amazing. This year, I’m sharing my process. Let’s get started.

You might be wondering what exactly a vision board is. In short, it’s a collection of visuals that represent what you want within a chosen time frame, which you display in an area you see everyday. The idea is that through constant exposure, you will subconsciously work toward what you desire. Pretty cool, right?

1. Choose your Time Frame


Before you do anything else, it is crucial to put a time limit on your board. This is a tool for reaching long term goals, so I recommend choosing one year as a minimum. If you’re not sure what to choose, go for one year.

2. Make a List



Now that you know you’re planning for the one, two, or five years, consider what you want to achieve. Keep a running list on your phone for a couple of weeks, light a candle and brainstorm for an afternoon, do whatever works for you.

If you’re having trouble deciding what to put on your board, try to imagine your ideal lifestyle. What kind of life inspires you? Once you can see your desired life, dissect it. Where do you live? What’s your job? What about hobbies? What do you eat? What do you feel like? Consider everyday things like what time you get up in the morning. From your aspirations, you can begin to set your goals. Even if what you imagined isn’t yet attainable, consider what you can do within your timeframe to work toward it. For example, if you’re a sophomore in college and in your ideal life you’re a graduate and running your own successful business, figure out what you can do now to help you then. Maybe that’s taking your studies more seriously or doing independent reading on business owners you admire.

Avoid very narrow goals. It’s tempting to say you want to work out five times a week, but how realistic is that? Opt for a goal like finding a work out routine you can maintain, or exercise that makes you feel good. These improvement-oriented goals are more flexible and achievable.

3. Find or Make Visuals and Assemble


Time for the fun part! Vision boards can be physical or digital.

For the paper-lovers: Gather old magazines and search for images that represents your aspirations, or paint or draw your own. Get creative!

For the tech-lovers: Search for images online and save them in folder or to your Pinterest board. If you use Pinterest, you’re done! If not, create a collage of your chosen images.

4. Display


Put your board somewhere you are everyday. If you have a digital board, consider making it your background or browser home page.

5. Follow up

I found it incredibly useful to check in with my goals every three months or so. This doesn’t need to be anything extensive, just look over your board and think about if you’re working towards what you set out to do. I’ll be reviewing my vision board quarterly (and reminding you to do the same) on social media, so be sure to follow me.

I really hope you make a vision board of your own. You won’t regret it! Leave any questions or comments below. I’d love to see your board, so please share them with me on Instagram!

Happy dream chasing,



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