New Blogger Talk, Update & Playlist


Hello indeed! This is the first post I’ve written that’s, well, a bit of a heart to heart. I don’t have a typical post this week and I want to talk about why as well as tell you what’s to come and share a Spotify playlist. Let’s do it.

This week hasn’t been particularly bad or anything of the like. It’s been unseasonably warm, I ordered new glasses and my apartment is squeaky clean- all things to be happy about. Whenever I thought about posting this week though, I felt a sense of dread.

I’m about a month and a half in to blogging actively and trying my very best to post every week and I have to wonder if I’m burnt out already. My immediate answer is no because I do love it and I certainly do not want to stop. If I take a moment to think though, I’m inclined to say yes, I’m feeling a little worn down. I think it comes down to three things.

The first is while I know what content I want to produce, actually making my vision happen is proving difficult. It’s a learning curve, that’s for sure. Executing my intentions are made more difficult by the second hurdle, deadlines! I know I could post willy nilly, but I want to be consistent. That’s just how I am. On the other hand, it kind of sucks when you’re juggling deadlines for classes and then you realize you have personal deadlines on top of that. The third (and worst thing) is that once I put energy into the post and make sure it’s up on time, no one reads it. Of course, some people do read it and I’m grateful, but when you put yourself out into the world and get largely nothing back, it feels… It feels like I’m doing something wrong, or, perhaps worse, I’m doing the best I can, but that’s not good enough.

The truth of the matter is it’s easy to caught up in negativity especially when few are there to reassure you that everything is okay. If you’re a new blogger and you’re feeling the strain of no audience, remember that all the successful bloggers you admire started with no readers just like you. Zero! I have to remind myself this, too. We just have to keep trying and posting, so that in time, our audiences and internet friends will find us. During this process, we will hone our craft and the gap between what’s in our heads and on the page will close.

So, to myself and anyone else in a similar position, forge ahead.


Okay, I just want to quickly share that  I’ll now be posting on Tuesdays! So check back then for new content, or follow my blog, so you’ll be notified when I post :)


I thought it would be fun to create and share playlists from time to time, so here’s the first, entitled “Melted.”


Shoutout to my cat for posing for the cover art. She killed it.

Give it a listen on Spotify.

Please Share in the Comments:

Are you feeling new blogger stress? If you did previously, how did you overcome it? And less importantly, would you like to see new playlists from me every couple of months?

Thanks for reading,



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