How I Healed My Severely Dry Skin


Winter is hard on the skin. For me, winter brought more than just a dull complexion. I’ve struggled with severely dry patches on my cheeks that are red, itchy, flaky and scaly. Needless to say, it’s been less than pleasant. Finally, I’ve cracked the code and my skin is well on it’s way to a full recovery. My skin rehab routine is simple and full of natural vegan ingredients for a happy face. All it takes a little dedication.


1. Warm up & Exfoliate

Dry skin causes all kinds of texture issues. Sometimes it’s flaky, sometimes it builds up into a scaly situation and sometimes it’s both! Whatever you’re dealing with, it’s time to get rid of it. Before exfoliating, it’s essential to warm up the skin. Place warm saturated washcloth over your face, carefully steam it over a pot of hot water, or take a warm shower.

Now that your skin is softened, it will be easier to exfoliate away the dryness as well as remove lingering makeup and impurities. Remember to be gentle. It can be tempting to really scrub, but you’ll hurt your skin more than help it. Trust me, I learned it the hard way.

My favorite ways to exfoliate:

  • konjac sponge (similar here)

I use this little guy on a daily basis. I love it! Submerge it in water for a few minutes and it will expand into a soft but durable sponge. It gives any soap a rich lather and it’s amazing even when just used with water. It’s very gentle and really doesn’t feel like you’re exfoliating at all, so if you’re prone to over-scrubbing your face, give this a go. It leaves the skin feeling so smooth and calm unlike other tools.

  • coconut oil & sugar

About once a week, I gently massage this combination on my clean skin. It’s can easily be too abrasive, so be mindful. When done though, my skin feels so soft and incredibly moisturized. I find this better suited to nighttime as the coconut oil is a bit heavy.



2. Moisturize & Lock it in

Now it’s time to moisturize! I like to begin with 1-2 drops of carrot seed oil and 1 pump of this serum. To really lock in the moisture, follow up with a butter or balm. Adding a heavier product on top of lighter oils ensures they don’t go anywhere and provides extra hydration. Sometimes thicker products are difficult to apply evenly, but the oils I apply first give it a nice slip, solving the problem. This does feel heavy, so I reserve it for my evening skincare.

3. Color Correct with a Mask

The texture of my skin has improved drastically, but I’m still left with redness in the area. To even out my complexion, I’ve been doing a simple turmeric and jojoba oil mask a few times a week. This mask is also great for healing acne and acne scarring.


There you have it, my easy peasy routine to heal dry skin! What are your tricks to keep your skin hydrated and smooth?




5 thoughts on “How I Healed My Severely Dry Skin

  1. My face is always so dry in the winter time. I’ve been looking for a better night time face care routine anyway, so I think I’ll give this a go. I also like that it’s all natural stuff. That’s a big plus for me!


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