DIY How to Resize Sports Bras


I’m finally back with another DIY post! I plan to share more in the coming weeks, so today we’re kicking it off with a simple sewing project.

Having the perfect fit in a sports bra is necessary. Finding the perfect fit isn’t always so easy though. I’m sure some of you out there can relate to this. If the band fits, the cups are too small. If the cups fit, the band is too big, which is the case for this starry number pictured above. What’s a girl to do? Luckily, a few simple alterations can give you just what you looking are for.


You won’t need anything too crazy, just

  • a sports bra you desperately want to fit
  • a sewing machine or needle and thread (and patience if the latter)
  • pins
  • fabric scissors
  • a water soluble pencil/marker or chalk
  • a measuring tape or sewing gauge

Begin by putting on your sports bra inside out. Pinch the excess fabric on both sides and mark with your pencil or chalk. I also shortened the straps, so mark those as well if necessary. After you’ve made your preliminary marks, pull out your ruler to ensure that they’re symmetrical. Pin and then you’re ready to sew!

If you have a sports bra with two layers like this one, then be sure to mark, pin and sew the layers separately. On the left, you can see that I didn’t sew all the way up the sides on the base layer. If I did, the new seam would have closed the openings to remove the cups. Alternatively, you could make the openings larger, so when you sew the new side seams, they will still function.


I had a little friend while sewing. Surprisingly, having a cat on my lap didn’t really affect things.

Since we’re sewing stretchy athletic fabric, use a stretch stitch if your machine has one. If not, go for a twin needle. I don’t have much experience sewing these types of fabric, but I didn’t have any problems. It can be intimidating, but I promise it’s not as difficult as it seems. If you’re a little unsure, have some similar scrap fabric on hand or try it out with an old stretched out sports bra first.


Here’s the finished product. You may not be able to see a huge difference, but trust me, it fits so much better! I’m going to resize my worn sports bras that have stretched out a bit as well. Great way to save money and keep them out of the landfill!

If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help. I have a question for you, too. What are your favorite ethical activewear brands? I haven’t found any brands I’m fond of yet, so I’d love some help.

Happy DIY-ing!




One thought on “DIY How to Resize Sports Bras

  1. Try gymshark they fit true size. I have not found a better brand yet. Even over lululemon. I have one pair of lululemon leggings I love and 3 bras. The whole other side of closet is gymshark.


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