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The end of every month brings a certain ritual. I pay rent and feel really broke. I have a tiny crisis about how fast time is moving. I tell myself next month I’m going to be a better student, blogger and human. And then I spend a ridiculous amount of time watching monthly favorite videos on YouTube and all is right in the world.

This month I’m shaking it up and sharing my favorites of April. There’s a little bit of everything.

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100% Pure Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder | Review

100% pure green tea fiber brow builder medium brownA couple of weeks ago, I did some damage and ordered perhaps too much new makeup. I can’t review products if I don’t try new ones though, right? If you saw this post, then you know a $6 serum gave my brows some much needed fullness, but they could still use a boost, so I’ve been looking for some brow products. I didn’t want to mess with a gel or powder and angled brush though. The new Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder from 100% Pure struck me as the perfect low maintenance product.

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10 Cheap Vegan Diet Essentials


When going vegan, people often find themselves having to relearn the basics of food. Suddenly, you don’t know how how to cook or food shop and if you turn to meat and diary substitutes, you might get the impression that eating plant-based is expensive. Hi, I’m a broke vegan college student. If I can afford it, then I’m sure most people can, too. Of course, there is strategy involved. Here are my top ten vegan staples that I always have on hand that are good for your tummy and your wallet.

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My Pamper Routine & Why it’s Non-negotiable

brighten and even skin tone with jojoba and turmeric face mask

When the days are long and full of to-do’s, I’m guilty of not taking time for myself and by the way, nearly all of my days are jammed packed. After a couple weeks, I finally embrace the seemingly unimportant activities that I’ve been putting off and something amazing happens. I feel better. Dedicating an evening to relaxation and treating myself makes me feel like a new and refreshed little lady, who is ready to kick ass.

Recently, I’ve finally realized that “me time” is just as valuable as work time, and actually it makes work time better because I’m not distracted by little things like my unsightly chipped manicure as I type, or how dull and dry my skin is because I can’t remember the last time I did a mask. No, not everyone needs to have polished nails or do a face mask weekly, but if it makes you feel better, you do. Furthermore, you need to do it and not feel guilty about it. I often catch myself thinking it’s silly and a waste of time, but once done, I never regret it. Give yourself permission to do those things that may not make sense, but make you feel better because when you feel better, you do better.

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