If My Instagram Was Real Life

rose recast instagram feed

My Instagram, like many others, is a curated collection of photos that are almost exclusively taken for the purpose of posting. It doesn’t include all of the very uncool moments of my life. Let’s just say my feed would less flat lays and more laying on the couch.

Here’s what my Instagram would be like if I posted the low quality silly photos of my day to day life. Enjoy.


When your dog takes better selfies than you.


I broke my thumbnail, but I refused to sacrifice my long nails. Then, my middle finger nail mysterious broke and I had to cut them all. I’m still sad about it.


Real OOTD. Hair in braid from night before and working in my pajamas all day because lazy. Hood up and under a blanket because too cheap to pay for heat.


No beautifully styled food here. Just eating an apple and peanut butter out of the jar for dinner because adult. Also, still doing work while eating because I don’t know how to stop. Seriously. Someone send help.


The only way to work in natural light. Pouf desk for life.


Trying to bond with the pup. She’s not impressed.


When you look nice for once and try to take a cute picture, but this happens. Sometimes your true self just shines through, no matter how long you take to get ready.


When you can’t exercise enough self control to wait until after the photo to take a bite and you burn your tongue.


And lastly, when everything in the dishwasher matches and for the full two seconds you’re looking at it, you’re convinced you actually have your shit together.


I think we can all use a little humor in our day, so I hope this brings you a smile and small giggle at the very least. I had the idea for this post a couple of weeks ago and while it isn’t normally what I do, I couldn’t stop thinking about it because I thoroughly enjoying being a dork sometimes. Also, it serves as a reminder that what people post online isn’t a representation of their whole life. Clearly, that’s true of me.

Regular programming resumes on Sunday. Talk to you then!



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