5 Ethically Made Activewear Brands


Shopping ethically can be a little tricky. Finding socially responsible brands that offer garments you like within your budget is a tall order. When you add activewear on top of that, it can feel impossible. I’ve rounded up five brands with different price points and styles, so you can find something to meet your needs.

1. Grana


Grana recently introduced activewear and it does not disappoint! Ethical activewear can get pretty pricey, but their prices are the lowest I’ve seen. The cropped leggings are $39 and this adorable matching sports bra, which could double as a crop top, is $25. I’m in love with this dusty rose color. Yes, it’s pretty trendy, but I feel like it’s a color not often seen in activewear. They currently only offer eight pieces, but it’s all the basics.


2. Dharma Bums


If you love bright colorful patterns, Dharma Bums has you covered. They are a bit pricy; these leggings are $68. You can get a 20% discount by signing up to their emailing list. It’s worth noting that the brand is well loved by those who don’t shop exclusively ethically, so the quality must be good!


3. Share Hope


This one is a bit of a curveball because Share Hope offers only the pictured leggings for $55. Why? Their purpose is to provide secure jobs in Haiti and the profits fund their various social programs for their employees. If you’re going to wear black leggings while you work out or run your errands anyway, you should wear these ones.


4. Threads 4 Thoughts

threads4thoughtsNot only are Thread 4 Thoughts garments produced ethically, but they are made with sustainable materials and recycled plastic. Finding a brand that ticks all the boxes is a rare and exciting occurrence. They offer a pretty large variety of styles and patterns, so you are likely to find something to your taste. Be sure to check out the back of this sports bra- so cute!


5. Tonic Active


Made in Canada, Tonic Active pieces are what I would describe as run of the mill activewear. That’s not a bad thing. For those of us, who don’t like to wear anything too jazzy, it’s great. Also, to my ladies who need some extra support, this sports bra looks amazing. Cute sports bras are nice, but they need to do their job, too.


What are you favorite ethical activewear brands? I’m always looking for recommendations.




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