100% Pure Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder | Review

100% pure green tea fiber brow builder medium brownA couple of weeks ago, I did some damage and ordered perhaps too much new makeup. I can’t review products if I don’t try new ones though, right? If you saw this post, then you know a $6 serum gave my brows some much needed fullness, but they could still use a boost, so I’ve been looking for some brow products. I didn’t want to mess with a gel or powder and angled brush though. The new Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder from 100% Pure struck me as the perfect low maintenance product.

100% pure green tea fiber brow builder medium brown

This product is a eyebrow mascara of sorts. It comes in a tiny tube (0.16 oz) and has an equally tiny and adorable wand. Cocoa tints your brows, green tea fibers give them fullness and all of the other natural vegan ingredients set them in place. It comes in two shades, soft brown and medium brown. I use medium and it matches my brows perfectly. Soft brown is best suited to light brunettes and blondes. Hopefully 100% Pure will release more shades in the future.

Typically, I use a product for about a month before reviewing it, but for this, I didn’t have to. It only took me one application to fall in love and I’ve been wearing it every day since.

100% pure green tea fiber brow builder medium brown

Before applying, I shape my brows with a clean spoolie. This isn’t necessary, but it prevents me from applying excess product when trying to shape them with a loaded wand.

First, I apply the gel to the center of my brows where they are the fullest and then move to the sparse areas. This is because there are usually a few small clumps (fibers) that are noticeable when first applying. I wish the wand held just a little less product.

100% pure green tea fiber brow builder medium brown

In sparse areas, I recommend applying the product against the direction of the hair growth then brushing through the right way. This gets product on the “back” of the hairs, creating a thicker appearance.

I typically don’t reload the wand. Once is plenty for both brows, so the tube should last pretty long even though it’s small.

And that’s it! It takes a minute to do and lasts all day. Initially, it feels wet, but quickly dries to a soft texture. No hard or crunchy brows here! It doesn’t flake off during the day, or show any signs of wear. If you touch your brows, product will come off on your fingertips, but it doesn’t smear or flake on the face. Despite its long wear time, it comes off easily with my normal cleanser.

I’m so happy with this product! It’s exactly what I was looking for and I’m confident I’ll repurchase it. If you want fuss-free brows, check it out here.




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