DIY The Perfect Boyfriend Jeans


distressed destructed DIY boyfriend jeans

The jeans of your dreams can now be a reality. Now, if only we could DIY the perfect boyfriend…

The Base

First, you have to find a pair of jeans to work with. I recommend hitting up your local thrift store because it’s cheap and you’re not supporting sweatshop labor. You could also ask the men in your life for any old jeans and then they’re free. Don’t worry about them being perfect, just make sure you like how they fit around the waist and thighs.

In men’s jeans, I look for a waist size that’s sits comfortably around the hips and is loose throughout out the leg, but still flattering.

The Fit

DIY boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans are slouchy and easy, but you don’t want to be drowning in them. Begin by turning your jeans inside out and putting them on. To create a tapered leg, mark two points. The first will be just above where the leg is too wide, which is just below the knee for me. The second will be on the hem. This determines how slim the new fit will be. Simply connect the two points with a line, pin and then try them on again. Adjust if necessary. Sew along the line, trim the excess fabric, finish the raw edge with a zigzag stitch and you’re done! It’s an easy fix.

This method does mean the original inside seam will end about halfway down the leg. No  one has ever noticed and honestly, neither do I.

The Wash

tea dye DIY boyfriend jeans


I’m a sucker for any garment that has that worn in look. That explains why I put holes in this DIY top. Jeans are no different. If you want to create the lived in feeling, tea dyeing is great option. If you look closely at denim, you’ll see all the white threads. Tea dyeing turns the whiteness in a softer ivory or even a yellowish brown depending on how long you dye your jeans.

Simply boil water, throw in a bunch of cheap black tea bags, and add your jeans. It really isn’t a science, but if you want more exact information, there are tons of tea dyeing tutorials out there. Just check your jeans every twenty minutes or so and remove when you’ve reached your desired wash. Remember that they’re wet, so they will seem darker than they really are. Rinse and let dry. If they’re still too light, repeat the process.

The Details

This part is the most fun because you can really give your jeans some character. Whether it’s distressing, adding patches, or embroidery, have fun. Or leave them the plain. Simple is good, too.

distressed destructed DIY boyfriend jeans

I hope you’re inspired to make your perfect boyfriend jeans. It really is so easy. I have a few other denim DIYs on the brain, so let me know if you’re interested in some patchwork jeans or a detailed tutorial on distressed/destructed jeans that look naturally worn in.




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