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The end of every month brings a certain ritual. I pay rent and feel really broke. I have a tiny crisis about how fast time is moving. I tell myself next month I’m going to be a better student, blogger and human. And then I spend a ridiculous amount of time watching monthly favorite videos on YouTube and all is right in the world.

This month I’m shaking it up and sharing my favorites of April. There’s a little bit of everything.


Favorites videos and blog posts are big in the beauty community, so it seems only right to start there.


I bought quite a few new makeup products this month (oops) and while I’m happy with most of them, the 100% Percent Pure Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder in medium brown is my favorite. I haven’t seen many green beauty brands do brow gels, let alone fiber brow gels, so I was so excited when this launched. If you read my review, you know I’m obsessed. It’s just so good! I really can’t be bothered with much makeup on a day to day basis, so it’s perfect because it’s quick and nearly impossible to mess up.


thrifted goodwill boys levi's jeans

Do you ever slip on something you haven’t worn in a while and then wonder why you ever stopped wearing it? That’s exactly how I feel about these jeans. Unfortunately, I can’t share a link with you because they’re from Goodwill, but I will tell you to check out the boys section at your local thrift store. It’s a goldmine. My denim collection is slowly being taken over by secondhand boys jeans that are perfectly cropped and awkward. I’m not mad about it.

eyebuydirect sunset prescription sunglasseses slip on camel shoes vegan leather

Unless it’s raining, I’ve been wearing my slip-ons everyday. I bought them nearly two years ago, not knowing how much wear I would get out of them, but now they’re a wardrobe staple. I don’t go for sporty shoes typically, but I find these give any outfit a more relaxed, cooler vibe. I also love the way camel and black look together, so I especially like to pair them with black jeans.

Speaking of loving the black and camel combo, I’ve been wearing these EyeBuyDirect sunglasses every chance I get. This is the first pair of prescription sunglasses I’ve ever had and I don’t know why I’ve gone without for so long! I know it’s a shocker, but not being blinded by the sun while driving is pretty awesome.


By far the best experience this month was when I found out I can graduate next spring. I’ve been working hard to graduate from college a year early and now I know for sure it’s going to happen! So exciting!

Honestly, maintaining two blog posts a week has been difficult, but when I saw that With Love and Veggies and Kali Borovic nominated me for blogger awards, it was such a nice surprise. Thanks again, ladies! You can see my answers and nominees for The Liebster Award here.


I love tacos all the time, but I’ve been eating them like crazy recently! I don’t make anything too complicated or fancy, but if you’re into that, here’s the recipe and of course, it’s vegan.

In truth, I only discovered this a few days ago, but it deserves to be talked about! I was looking for a vegan chocolate spread because I was feeling indulgent and this nut-free roasted soybean one was the only one at my local grocery store. It’s quite salty and definitely tastes like roasted soybeans. It sounds weird, but you just need to try it because it is weird, but in a good way. Let me know if you’ve tried it or something similar!


I’ve been following Jenny Mustard for a while now. Lately, I’ve been listening to The Mustards podcast she does with her partner, David, and I’ve grown to like them even more. They just seem like genuine and chill people and after listening a podcast or watching a video, I’m always left in a better mood. Check out her blog, YouTube and Instagram for all of the Scandinavian minimalist style and vegan goodness. Everything they do is lovely. You won’t regret it.


I’m all about listening to the same songs over and over until I can’t stand them anymore, but shockingly, I have a few new tunes.

I love Magic Island, yet somehow I only now found their song, Alchemy. Of course, it has their usual dreamy vibe, but this one is extra special.

I don’t know how I found this gem, but I’ve been listening to it everyday since. Sweet Sound of Ignorance is the first song I’ve heard by Soko. I love her vocals particularly, but honestly, I love everything about this song.

As it turns out, I’m not great at describing music, but I hope you give them a listen anyway and maybe even find something you like. I’m also on Spotify if you want more music inspiration!


I’d love to know what you’ve been loving this month, so please share in the comments! See you in May.






4 thoughts on “April Favorites | Beauty, Fashion, Food & More

  1. For makeup I’ve been loving 100% Pure’s Black Tea Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara, Gemmed Luminizer in Rose Gold, Green Tea F.B.B in Medium Brown, their Mermaid Palette and Angled Contour Brush in F30! I’m still testing out their Bamboo Blur Tinted Moisturizer, so I can’t say how much I like it just yet. 🤔

    For hair it’s Calia Natural’s Purifying and Balancing Lines of Shampoo & Conditioner hands down. 💆🏻✨ They’re all natural/organic, smell great, helped get rid of my dandruff and vegan too if I’m not mistaken. 💖

    With clothes it’s been anything that’s comfortable and easy to move around in — t-shirt dresses, leggings, etc.


    • You have all kinds of favorites this month! I’d love to try the 100% Pure luminizer. Glad to hear it’s good. I always hear about Calia Natural products, so maybe it’s time to give them a try, too. Thanks for reading!


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