What NOT To Do When Going Vegan

what not to do when going to vegan veganism tips

If you’re thinking about going vegan, I have two pieces of advice. First, do it. Secondly, don’t make the mistakes I did.

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June Plan with Me & Why I Bullet Journal

june plan with me bullet journal easy simple spreads blogger

Happy Sunday! Today I’m sharing my beginner bullet journal setup and why I love the system. It can seem confusing at first, but it’s actually quite simple. If you don’t know what bullet journaling is, there are a ton of very thorough explanations online. To summarize, a bullet journal is a catch all for everything in your life. It’s a planner plus whatever you want it to be. That could be a habit and sleep tracker, lists, your budget,  journaling, doodling, a space for random thoughts and anything that’s important to you. It is completely customizable. All you need is a notebook, a pen and lots of things you want to keep track of.

Want to know what’s in mine?

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The Hunt for Ethical & Affordable Bras

ethical ethically made produced affordable bras lingerie shopping guide

I hate bra shopping. I know that’s a little intense, but I’ve never found a bra that fits me properly and now that I’ve narrowed my selection to only ethically produced options, I’m not hopeful it will ever happen. I’ve been dependent on a single “real” bra for a few years. You know, that supportive one in my drawer of lace bralettes and smash ’em down sports bra. This week, it finally gave out. With the strap’s snap, my whole world came crashing down. Time to bra shop. Take me now, Satan.

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DIY Embroidered Slogan Sweatshirt | Video

diy embroidered slogan thrifted sweatshirt

I have a secondhand gray sweatshirt that I love so much that when I found it again at Goodwill, I bought it. Then I found a red one by the same brand. Naturally, I bought it because when you find the perfect cozy clothes, why say no? Unlike the first two, the red sweatshirt stayed tucked in a drawer unworn. It was missing something and I think adding some playful embroidery was just what it needed.

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When You’re the Only Vegan You Know

when you're the only vegan you know small town

Plant-based diets and the vegan lifestyle are more popular than ever. It’s amazing to see people living consciously and ethically and even making it cool. Sure, some still think we’re crazy radicals or hippie freaks, but veganism is being accepted like never before. If you’re in the right city or active online, vegan people and restaurants seem to be everywhere. I love this lifestyle, but in small town America, it’s hard when you’re the only vegan you know.

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Best Pretty & Low Maintenance Houseplants


via @stephjalovely

Spring is here! I’m not wearing pastels or cleaning everything in sight, but I am plant shopping. Currently, I have just two houseplants, which feels so wrong. As much as I’d love to live in a tiny jungle of my creation, I’m not the most amazing plant lady. I need plants that are hardy and have no special needs, so basically kill-proof. I’d still like them to be pretty and photogenic (blogger life). After searching the internet in preparation for plant adoption this weekend, I’ve found eight plants that I think meet my needs and perhaps yours, too.

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