Best Pretty & Low Maintenance Houseplants


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Spring is here! I’m not wearing pastels or cleaning everything in sight, but I am plant shopping. Currently, I have just two houseplants, which feels so wrong. As much as I’d love to live in a tiny jungle of my creation, I’m not the most amazing plant lady. I need plants that are hardy and have no special needs, so basically kill-proof. I’d still like them to be pretty and photogenic (blogger life). After searching the internet in preparation for plant adoption this weekend, I’ve found eight plants that I think meet my needs and perhaps yours, too.

Ponytail Palm


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I know you’re supposed to save the best for last, but I can’t. These little guys are so cute and they just make me happy. They’re also surprisingly easy to take care of. Plant them in soil formulated for cacti and succulents, keeping it fairly dry and give them bright light. In the winter, they only need watered about once a month. They’re also nontoxic to cats or dogs. What’s not to love?



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Another cutie. I think this would look great coupled with a ponytail palm due to their contrasting leaves. Like the palm, they are best suited bright light and a well-draining sandy soil. It’s recommended to have a layer of rocks at the bottom of the pot to prevent root rot, which they are highly susceptible to.

Mother-in-law’s Tongue



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This one is pretty standard on easy houseplants lists, but I really like them. The leaves can grow to four feet tall, making them a great for a floor planter. Is it weird to call a plant chic? They are though, right? I guess I have a love affair for dessert plants because they love bright light and sandy soil, too. It’s worth noting they are very adaptable to lighting conditions, so even if you live in overcast Pennsylvania like me, it should be just fine.

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Elephant’s Ear

If you’re looking for a statement plant, this is the one. They can get massive, so you may have to cut them back, which is a good thing in my book because it means I could actually grow something. But seriously, we’re talking leaves bigger than toddlers. It’s crazy! Though the average elephant ear won’t grow that large, they’re just as beautiful. In my personal experience, they are really unfussy. Just be sure the soil is moist and they’re getting some sun and you’ll have yourself a happy plant.

Rubber Plant


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It may not sound so glamorous, but I think it has the look with its few dark green leaves. It does require a bit of extra care because the leaves must be dusted with a damp cloth, but that’s pretty manageable. That aside, the soil must be kept moist during the growing season and it prefers bright indirect light. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to find one locally, but fingers crossed.

Peace Lily


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Finally, some flowers on this list! I love peace lilies for lots of reasons, but I think you’ll love them because they flower throughout the year and don’t need much attention. They can live in medium to low light, but flower more often with better light. Water only as needed. In my experience, that’s about once a week.

ZZ Plant


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Honestly, I was hoping that with such a jazzy name, it would look a little jazzy, too, but it’s still nice. This is another very hardy plant that needs little love. If you’re a good plant owner though, then give it bright indirect light and water when the soil has dried. Please be aware that the ZZ plant produces a liquid that may irritate sensitive skin.



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Let’s just say you can put this plant anywhere, forget about it and it will still grow. It’s not the most striking, but if you let it grow and spill down your bookshelf or across a surface, it certainly can make an impact. Pothos is near and dear to me because I have one that is either just as old or older than me! I took a clipping from my parents’ plant they’ve had for what seems like forever and now it lives with me in my apartment. Best friends for life, I guess.

All plants listed here are toxic if ingested by humans, cats and dogs unless stated otherwise. Be safe!

For more care tips, be sure to click on the link I provided for each plant. It will take you to where I got my information because like I said, I’m no expert!

Please share your favorite houseplants and care tips below! I’d love to know.




2 thoughts on “Best Pretty & Low Maintenance Houseplants

  1. I’d also mention “prayer plants.” They do really well in low light. I have one in my bathroom that only gets light through a frosted window. I just water it 2-3 times a week when I’m in the bath since it sits on my bath tray ;)


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