The Hunt for Ethical & Affordable Bras

ethical ethically made produced affordable bras lingerie shopping guide

I hate bra shopping. I know that’s a little intense, but I’ve never found a bra that fits me properly and now that I’ve narrowed my selection to only ethically produced options, I’m not hopeful it will ever happen. I’ve been dependent on a single “real” bra for a few years. You know, that supportive one in my drawer of lace bralettes and smash ’em down sports bra. This week, it finally gave out. With the strap’s snap, my whole world came crashing down. Time to bra shop. Take me now, Satan.

Why are there no ethical and affordable bras? I found a few options, but it was a struggle. If you know of more, please help a girl out.


This brand primarily employs single mothers, paying them above market wage with healthcare benefits and provides school supplies and meals to their children. Who doesn’t want to support that? Naja offers a variety of basic nudes and pretty intimates. Prices range from $38 to $110 with statement pieces making up the higher end. There are a variety of styles under $50, so they might just have something for you. There is a sale this weekend. Bras start at $16!

Hanky Panky

Not my favorite name, but all their intimates are made in the US and that’s what counts. While they do have some underwire bras, most are without. Normally, they’re on the pricey side with bras around $70 and bralettes/soft bras between $40 and $70. They are having a sale right now, so check it out!


If all else fails, Esty has you covered. At least in the bralette department anyway. They may not be the most supportive, but they sure are pretty. Most are very inexpensive as well, including this one that I just might have to order.

ethical ethically made produced affordable bras bralettes lingerie shopping guide

I thought I would be able to find more options to share with you, so I’m a bit disappointed. Again, if you know of more affordable brands, please share in the comments. If I come across any, you’ll be the first to know!



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