Au Naturale Color Theory Creme Corrector | Review


If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I have yet to find a product that can conceal my severe dark circles. After trying the Hynt concealer, I realized the only solution might be using a color corrector. The only problem was there weren’t any on the market that were vegan, cruelty free and made from nontoxic ingredients. Then Au Naturale launched a ton of new products, including their Color Theory Creme Correctors. Did I just stumble upon the holy grail?

It comes in five shades, each formulated to correct a specific type of discoloration. I went for Peach, although the shades Linen (pink) and Flax (yellow) are also recommended for the eye area.

My initial impression was that the packaging was very chic and high quality. Then I wondered, where’s the product? It clearly states in the product description that you get 4 grams, but I didn’t realize how little that is. Considering it’s $24, I was dissatisfied.

Even more concerning was the shade. I expected it to be very orange in order to effectively cancel out blue and purple tones. Nope. It actually matches my skin tone and I could just wear it as concealer.

Au Naturale Cosmetics vegan cruelty free color theory creme correctors shade peach review demo swatches

Despite being confused and a bit disappointed, I tried it in the hopes that it still might work. It’s very thick, so it’s best to warm it up on your fingertip and then press it into the skin if you’re covering a large area. I wish it was creamier. It’s a little too stiff, but I do think the formula is ideal for covering acne. It should be very opaque, but instead, it’s patchy even when applied directly.

I wanted to like this product so much, but it just does not perform. I don’t like the formula and you hardly get any product. It just looks bad. I would say that if you don’t have intense discoloration, it might work, but in that case, you shouldn’t have to use a color corrector at all.

I’m not out to bash Au Naturale Cosmetics. I’m still going to try other products from them. Their cream shadows  and lip stains are calling my name. The silver lining to this experience is they sent me a lipstick sample in the shade Sangria. I would have never picked out this color, but it’s actually really pretty! I’ve only tried it on, but the formula is comfortable and it’s a pretty large sample, too.

I’m really bummed that this didn’t work out! The hunt continues. If you know of other color correcting products, please let me know. Also, tell me what your favorite Au Naturale products are in the comments.



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