Try On Thrift Haul & Top 5 Tips | Video

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Secondhand stores, flea markets, garage sales- I’ve been to them all recently. I love a good thrift haul, so it’s only right to share my finds with you! It’s mostly clothes with a few pieces of home decor. Enjoy!

I know thrifting can be intimidating for some, so I’ve also rounded up five tips that will help you find cheap treasures.

See what I picked up here:


Top 5 Thrifting Tips

  1. Go through everything. In my video (spoiler!), I mentioned how the boys’ jeans section is a goldmine. Think outside of the box, venture into new sections and you’ll find some pretty cool items.
  2. Check every item thoroughly. It’s the worst when you buy something awesome, only to discover it has a stain, hole or missing button.
  3. Know the deals. Nearly every thrift store I’ve been to, local or chain, does sales. Unfortunately, normal prices can be high, but if you know when to shop, you’ll save some cash. One of my local Goodwills marks certain colored tags down to $0.50 on Sundays! If it’s not posted on the front window, ask an employee.
  4. Take a friend. If you followed tip #3, then you’re surrounded by cheap clothes and that can be dangerous. An honest friend will tell you if it looks good and if you’ll actually wear it, which prevents you from overbuying. An alternative to this is to have self-control, but when it comes to clothes, I usually have none.
  5. Look for resale value. When you find something that’s trendy, vintage, or by a big brand, but not your style, buy it anyway! List it on Ebay, Depop or any other online marketplace and someone will buy it. I once sold a Disney t-shirt from 1990-something for $25. It’s a small investment of time and money to make a little extra cash.

Please share your best thrift tips in the comments! See you on Tuesday with a beauty review.




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