5 Vegan & Ethically Made Handbag Brands

best eco-friendly vegan leather handbags shopping guide matt and nat guns angela roi gaia jeane & jax

I haven’t bought a handbag since… ever? Okay, it’s been at least four years. My current everyday bag is a hand-me-down that it beyond battered from years of use. Honestly, there are occasions in which I’m a bit embarrassed to carry it because it looks that rough. It might be time to buy a new one, so I started to look at vegan and ethically produced options. It can take hours of scouring the internet to find the best of the best, so I’ve put together a handbag shopping guide to spare you from the pain. You’re welcome.

Matt & Nat

Beige clutches, pink weekenders and everything in between.

best eco-friendly vegan leather handbags shopping guide matt and nat

Matt & Nat have been on my radar for a while now. They boast a large style and color selection, so you can find the right bag for every occasion. Their handbags are made from PU and PVC with 100% recycled nylon linings. They also source recycled cork and rubber. Most bags are around $150. While I’ve never seen them in person, they do appear to be beautifully crafted and well worth the money. Their pieces are a mix of timeless and trendy luxurious simplicity. And their shoes? They’re gorgeous.

Angela Roi

The Classics.

best eco-friendly vegan leather handbags shopping guide angela roi

If you want a timeless handbag that you can wear everyday for the next twenty years, Angela Roi is your answer. Their pieces feel a little too formal for me, but I can’t deny their elegance. They offer ten styles between $110 and $250.


A nod to the unattainable.

best eco-friendly vegan leather handbags shopping guide gunas

I’m not saying they’re dupes, but I am saying they have a few bags that appear to be inspired by luxury classics. If you’re coveting a Birkin or quilted Chanel bag, but wish it was vegan and more eco-friendly, Gunas might have something close enough to satisfy your desire. Unlike the other brands mentioned, they don’t seem to have a particular style, which makes for more fun when browsing. There really is a little bit of everything. Prices range $59 to $275.

Jeane & Jax

best eco-friendly vegan leather handbags shopping guide jeane & jax

Based in Montreal, Jeane & Jax are the most affordable brand I could find with prices topping off at $130. They also have more casual designs than the others mentioned. The bags are less structured and have a worn leather finish.


Playful pom pom purses handmade by refugees resettled in the U.S.

best eco-friendly vegan leather handbags shopping guide gaia

Of course, I have to mention GAIA because I love their mission. Admittedly, most of their bags are not vegan, but I still wanted to mention their vegan pom pom bags. They are $128 and sure to make a statement.


Please share your vegan & eco-friendly handbag favorites! If you need more shopping inspiration, I also have shopping guides for ethical activewear, bras and jewelry. Are you struggling to find any sweatshop free versions of any particular items? Let me know! Maybe I’ll make brand round up just for you :)

Images via @alenablanes, angelaroi.com, gunasthebrand.com, jeaneandjax.com & gaiaforwomen.com (first is my own)





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