*UPDATED* FitGlow Beauty Vita-Active Foundation | Review


You may have seen this post on Tuesday, but after a discussion with FitGlow Beauty, I decided to pull the post and retry the Vita-Active foundation. Initially, I didn’t like this product at all. It broke apart and was very clingy to dry skin. They suggested this was due applying it with a damp sponge. I took their advice and gave this product another chance.

Previously, I applied this foundation with a fingertips and a damp sponge. This how I typically apply base products. Because I have dry skin, I don’t opt for brushes. Do NOT use a damp sponge with this product. It goes crazy! Surprising, but true.

If you have dry skin, I recommend patting the foundation into your skin like moisturizer. Fingers aren’t enough to blend it in seamlessly so I then used a dry Real Techniques sponge. Though it felt very wrong, it actually worked. I also tried out a kabuki brush, but didn’t care for it. This application method prevents this product from breaking apart. Now that I had that problem solved, I had a chance to really take in this product. It still looked a bit dry on me, but I think that was partially do to being used to very dewy skin.

While the satin finish isn’t my favorite, there are qualities I like about it. In terms of consistency and finish, it’s a standard liquid foundation. One pump gives you light coverage, but you can easily build it up. Shockingly, it doesn’t crease under the eyes, which is great because that’s something I always battle with. I can’t attest to the skincare claims because I’ve only worn it a couple of times. Considering they also have a skincare line though, I’m sure that this product is effective.

The Vita-Active foundation boasts skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and other botanicals that improve hyperpigmentation, smooth skin and increase collagen production. It’s not only vegan and cruelty-free, but 98% organic. In my mind, the quality justified paying $55 for 1 fl oz.

The packaging is pretty and functional, keeping air out of the product and you from struggling to get the last bit of foundation. There’s a small gap in the sticker label, so you can easily see how much you have left. It’s a small detail, but very appreciated because no one likes unexpectedly running out of foundation.

I always appreciate when companies include samples and FitGlow provided them generously. Samples of the eye C cream, a serum and moisturizer were included in my order. Because their skincare especially is expensive, it’s nice to try it before making an investment. I’ve been using the eye cream, but haven’t seen any significant results yet.

I’m just not in love with the Vita-Active foundation. I understand why people say it’s their favorite, but the finish and application weren’t quite to my liking. If you’ve tried this, please share your experience in the comments.




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