Are Morning Routines Total Bullshit? | & Video

are morning routines bullshit? my perfect summer morning routine youtube video

Why do we care how beauty gurus on YouTube, millionaire CEOS and cool people everywhere spend the first couple of hours of their day? I don’t know how many times I’ve been sucked into articles and videos about morning routines, hoping to learn some secret way to start the day that will make me a better human. Like everything else in life, it’s not a “Do this and everything will magically change!” kind of thing.

The typical morning routines are formed out of necessity, but the ones being presented all over the internet aren’t just about eating breakfast, getting dressed and running out the door. While the content varies, the emphasis is on creating a mindful morning. These people aren’t just rolling out of bed, they are consciously starting the day in a manner that sets them up for success. Or are they?

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s awesome if you faithfully drink two glasses of kombucha, go the gym, journal, cook a full breakast, mediate and work on your passion project before going to work. You’re killing it. And to those of you who are just happy if you get a cup of coffee, maybe that’s what works for you and you’re killing it, too.

Here’s my issue with superhuman morning routines. You can follow it and still have an unproductive day. You can still have a sad day. You can still have a stressful day. You can still have any variation of a shitty day. They’re not the secret to an amazing life. Yes, I believe they can do good, but I don’t believe that just because people are stereotypically successful or they’re cool we should follow their lifestyle or trust that they always practice what they preach. Do what feels good for you and if that’s not giving a fuck about having a perfect morning, do that.

Personally, I’m in the kind of giving a fuck category. If I’m aimless in the morning, I tend to be less productive. On the other hand, I do not want to face a to do list right away. I want to chill out, give myself time to wake up and try not to be ridiculously stressed out. So while I think maybe it’s a little silly, I put together my perfect summer morning routine, which by the way, rarely happens like this because I’m just a regular imperfect person.

I may not be a millionaire or internet famous, but I hope you take my morning routine as an example of how to start your days and live your life. Find what you like. Do it. Stop caring what everyone else is doing.



2 thoughts on “Are Morning Routines Total Bullshit? | & Video

  1. Agreed it is best to establish your own morning routine. I thought I was lazy just because I read that billionaires only sleep a few hours so I started getting up earlier to be more productive and ended up crashing not just from exhausted but eating loads of crap because of it!


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