Silk Naturals Highlighters | Review

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The beauty community has been obsessed with that glow for quite some time, myself included. I’ve had four shades of Silk Naturals highlighters in my makeup collection for a few months and now that summer is here, it’s the perfect time to beam to the gods.

These are the cheapest clean vegan highlighters I’ve seen. This is partially due to them being tiny (3/4 teaspoon; comparable to eye shadow) and loose powders. You can get very wearable and daring shades for just $4.50. Eight of them even are dupes for Anastasia Beverly Hills current products and discontinued glow kits.



Iced is white with subtly iridescent sliver simmer. It’s light enough for fair skin tones, but would look equally beautiful on deep complexions. This one is probably my favorite because it can be applied lightly to give off a natural sheen or built up to an intense highlight.



Honey Child is definitely has the most sparkle of the bunch. It’s a pale neutral gold with silver, gold and green simmer. Unlike the others, it’s quite glittery, so I reserve this shade for the eyes either on the center of the lid or inner corner highlight.



Lit is a beautiful pink with gold shimmer. If not applied with pink blush, or all over the cheeks like blush, it can look a little crazy. This one is softer than the rest and creates a flush more than adding shine. It’s very pretty, but more of a blush than highlighter to me.



Ozone is the one I was most unsure of. Lavender with a blue duo chrome seemed pretty bold, but on the skin the color isn’t too bold. Instead, it creates a really interesting shift in the light and has that same blinding sheen of Iced. On the Silk Naturals website, it looks more pink then purple, but the true color is shown above.

There’s not much to say about the formula. Like a normal loose powder, they’re easy to apply, have buildable pigmentation (try wetting your brush for a metallic finish), can have some fallout if you load your brush too heavily and are bound to lose some intensity throughout the day.

I used the Morphe E61 brush to apply all these shades. A fan brush might be a hassle with this product because the jars are so small.

By the way, I opted to show you close ups of the product, so you could really see the color. The swatch photos just didn’t do them justice, but if you want to see them in action,  leave a comment and I’ll add them in.

To recap, Iced and Ozone are my favorites for the face. Honey Child is stunning on the eyes. Lit is really only suitable to cheeks and would pair beautifully with a blush, but I don’t wear blush, so it’s not my favorite.

Once again, Silk Naturals has made a great affordable product. I’ve also reviewed Silk Naturals velvet matte lipsticks and their lash and brow growth serum and have more product reviews coming soon.



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