July Plan With Me & What I Learned from Bullet Journaling | Video


Happy Sunday! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. It’s currently rainy and gloomy here, but I suppose that’s okay because it ensures I don’t get distracted by the sunshine and abandon this post. I have all kinds of bullet journal things to share, so let’s jump into it!

July is now upon us (how?!), so that means it’s time for another Plan With Me. If you missed last month’s, you can watch it here. If you don’t know what a Plan With Me video entails, I draw all the spreads for the month in my bullet journal and talk you through the process. You can find pictures of the featured spreads below.

Though I’ve been bullet journaling for a few months, I only finally committed in June. I bought myself a nice notebook and a few pens and instead of just scribbling, I planned my spreads and made it a more thoughtful process. I quickly realized what works and what doesn’t.

I learned…

I’m a basic bitch.

I have absolutely no desire to doodle and embellish my bullet journal. At the beginning, I felt a bit of pressure to make it cute because I’m sharing it online, but I’m so over that. I just want the essentials. No frills. Okay, maybe some extra lines and fun colors, but that’s it!

More is more.

In my “Oh, I’m just trying out bullet journaling” notebook, I wrote down everything. In my “real” one, I’ve tried to simplify areas like my daily to-do lists and blog/YouTube schedule. I’ve realized it’s been too restricting and I kept forgetting to do small tasks because I wasn’t writing them down. I was even relying on my old notebook to work out ideas because I felt like I could be messy there. What?! The whole point of a bullet journal is to be a catch-all, I need to embrace that.

Trackers are frenemies.

Having a way to easily monitor your lifestyle or progress is great, but it can make you feel like a horrible person if you’re not performing to your expectations. I encourage you to not make lofty goals or try to improve a bunch of areas at once. In my experience, it just leaves you feeling disappointed.

I don’t make goals associated with my trackers. During my first month, I used them as a means to figure out where I’m at and see if there are any correlations between the items, like if I eat healthily, am I more likely to work out that day. They also serve as a reminder that I want to be conscious of my behavior and habits. For me, it’s best to not obsess over them. I just do my best and see what insight I can gather from them.

July Spreads


Plan With Me for July! Minimalist Bullet Journal Setup for Beginners feat. trackers, weekly spreads, blog schedule, youtube schedule & journal page + What I Learned from Bullet Journaling.

Monthly Overview & Trackers


Blog Schedule


YouTube Schedule


Weekly Spread


Journal Page

Now that I’ve made adjustments for July, I think I’ll enjoy it much more. What have you learned from bullet journaling? I’d love to know.




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