Summer Favorites

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I missed Tuesday’s and Thursday’s post and there is no video today. Usually when I’m quiet online, it’s because I’m not doing great, but this week it’s because I’ve been preoccupied with having fun. Let’s call it summer slacker syndrome and say I have a bad case of it. It’s no surprise really because I love summer. Today I thought it’d be fun to share what I’ve particularly been enjoying. This isn’t a favorites all about products because that really hasn’t been of interest lately. It’s about the little things.

Okay, I totally abandoned this post to go swimming. I told you I had it bad. Back to the favorites!

The Two Minute Bun

I  don’t like spending much time on my hair and now that it’s hot and humid, my will to style it is at an all time low. My hair is getting quite long again, so twisting my ponytail around the base resulted in a weird bun on top of a bun look. Not cute. I finally figured out how to get a relaxed messy updo with minimal time and effort. I’m pretty sure all long-haired people know it already, but I’m loving my new discovery.

All The Fruit

Having so many delicious treats in season is definitely one of the best parts of summer. When it’s hot out, I tend to have less of an appetite and cooked foods aren’t very appealing. Aside from these snacks, I love munching on fruit for a refreshing pick-me-up.


Warm Nights

Over the holiday weekend, I spent a lot of evenings outside socializing and watching the sunset. It’s just nice to make the most of out the weather because though I hate to admit it, it will be cold and snowy before we know it.

Forget I ever said that. Let’s pretend it’s summer forever.


Growing up, I was such a little bookworm, but as I got older, the fewer books I read for pleasure. I’ve been meaning to change this and a couple of weeks ago, I decided to try The Other Boleyn Girl. It’s about 650 pages long, so honestly I was doubtful I’d stick with it, but I burned through it. I forgot how pleasant it is to lose yourself in a book while listening to the birds chirp and the wind rustles the trees, or wind down by warm lamplight while you’re nestled in bed. As someone who struggles to quiet her mind, it really has been a great way to relax and I’m already on to another novel.

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This is another relaxation favorite. Okay, they can be a little scary when they’re intense, but otherwise, I love a good thunderstorm and they’ve been happening often. They send me right into a deep sleep, which is always welcome.

The Colors and Critters

It just makes me happy to see the flowers in bloom, big fuzzy bees pollenating and hummingbirds at the feeder. I love seeing butterflies, too, except my dog always attacks them like the hell hound she is, which kind of ruins the moment. There’s also been a few fawn sightings and my heart melts every time. They’re still small and super spotty making it even cuter. Two of them were even playing together. Is there anything more magical?


In case you didn’t notice, I adore summer. I’m going to make the most of the next few months, but I promise I won’t let my love completely take over and forget about the blog. I hope you enjoyed my roundup and the photos, which are a bit different than usual. I’ll be back on Tuesday.



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