If My Instagram Was Real Life | Vol. II


Oh, Instagram. Perfect, facetuned, fake Instagram… It’s fun, but my curated profile doesn’t show the whole truth. It’s time to go through my camera roll and share photos that I would post if my Instagram account was about my real life.

If you missed volume one (yes, volumes- it’s sounds more important that way) then you can see more unglamorous candid snaps here.



..my very real and very sad OOTDs, intentionally cringey posing, wild hair and the face of disapproval. Even my dog wouldn’t like this picture if she had thumbs to scroll through her feed. Clearly.





…interesting vegan things I’d like to try, but am too cheap to buy.

Seriously though, has anyone tried this? I’m very curious.





…me testing out the infamous booty gains pose in front of my unmade bed. I understand why girls stand like this now. It gives anyone a butt. No longer impressed by you, fit people.





…me trying to make my late night workspace pleasant because a blog post goes up tomorrow morning and I don’t always take my own advice.





…a picture of my first lighter that I bought only because I wanted to burn this giant soy candle made in the US. Yes, I bought a safety lighter. I’m a wimp and also very lame.






…a weird selfie to prove to my mother that we were surviving and thriving.






…evidence that I’m a messy human and live at my kitchen table.






…a pre-bang trim selfie late at night because everyone knows that’s the best time to cut your own hair. Duh.






…me sitting at the coffee table, trying to blog but getting distracted by cuddles with bae aka the dog aka the only one who loves me.

Are we still saying bae?






…and a #ihavethisthingwithfloors except the only ones I walk on are grubby and if there was a beautiful floor around I’d probably be too afraid to step on it.




I know that this is very different from my usual posts, but it’s something that’s fun and lighthearted. Also, now I can tell you to go follow me on Instagram! You’ll see pretty pictures there. I’m trying to use Instagram stories too, so if you want to see sneak peaks, behind the scenes and just everyday life stuff, come say hi.



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