Current Ethical Fashion Wishlist


Since my first wishlist post about beauty went down so well, I thought today I’d share one about fashion! I haven’t bought any new clothing this year and while the thrift store is great, my wardrobe could use a little pick me up. Here’s what I’m considering.



You can always find a ton of t-shirts secondhand, but the cotton crew ($16-20) from Everlane is cut so well! I love the slightly longer sleeve and that it’s cut slim with being clingy. It reminds me of the classic American Apparel tees, but just a bit better. It’s available in all the neutrals plus some unexpected colors like baby pink, rhubarb and mint. They are even stripey options (not that I need more stripes).

The t-shirt is a wardrobe essential for me and well, everyone else. It’s great to throw on with a cool pair of jeans or structured trousers and call it done.



T-shirts are equally great in dress form, too. The Everlane box cut tee dress ($25) gets bonus points for being striped of course. I often wear the one I thrifted, so I think I’d get a lot of wear out of another. Summer is coming to a close, but I think it could easily transition in the fall with a light jacket and sporty shoes.




Okay, you get it- I really like Everlane. I have a pair of thrifted boys’ jeans that have a very similar fit to the wide leg crop ($68) and I adore them. Even though I love a denim moment, I feel like I’m in such a rut of constantly wearing jeans, so trousers like this really appeal to me. They are incredibly versatile and can easily be dressed up or down, so they’d make a great wardrobe staple. The shape is cute with sneakers and killer with heels. The best part? New colors launched today! That yellow pair will be mine. Maybe the green too. And the black, you can’t go wrong with black…


Nomadic State of Mind JC Sandal

No more Everlane, I promise. About a week ago, I stumbled across these recycled rope sandals by Nomadic State of Mind ($42). It may not be the right time of year to be thinking about sandals, but I don’t have any and these are really cute. They could easily look a little too hippie for my taste, but as long as I’m mindful of styling, I think they have potential to be the perfect summer shoes.


Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 6.05.07 PM

If you’ve been around, you know the bra struggle is real. Petit Vour, my favorite green beauty site, now carries Cosabella, a luxury intimates line made in Italy. I’d particularly like to try their sweetie lace bralette ($52). It looks so comfortable and the fact that it comes in 16 colors is a plus. As with all Petit Vour purchases, you get 20% back in store credit, so that helps offset the higher price tag. It’s an excuse to buy makeup, so I’m not going to argue.


I think I’ll leave it at that for now. I try to remember to pin items to my ethical fashion board, so if you’re looking for more, try there!

Would you be interested in a round up of the most affordable ethical fashion brands? It might take me a little while to do it, but I’m up to the challenge, so let me know!

images (in order of appearance) via Everlane, @samanthamariaofficial, Petit Vour





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