August Favorites | Beauty, Food & Music


It’s a little early to share my monthly favorites, but well, want the truth? It’s been a bit hectic, but I’m determined to get a post up. Favorites are easy (and fun) to put together. Plus, it gives me a chance to talk to you about a few things I’ve been loving. As usual, there’s a bit of everything.

Hynt Beauty Skin Prep Serum Bioactive Marine Complex

It’s a lot of name for what looks like a typical milky white moisturizer. I used a sample of this in my peachy pink dolly get with me ready not knowing anything other than it’s a primer.


It’s a game changer! As much as I love my 100% BB cream, it’s been a bit clingy to my very dry skin lately. Adding just a bit of this primer made a huge difference. It made the BB cream go on much smoother and at the end of a very long hot day, my makeup looked remarkably well.

The texture isn’t a like a typical serum. It isn’t oily at all. Instead, it has a gel-like consistency that feels hydrating and lightweight. Immediately after applying, it feels slightly tacky, which is great for holding your makeup in place. I have sensitive acne prone skin, which the product is designed for, but I think anyone with unwanted texture would enjoy this product.

It is $44 for 1 oz, which is pricey, but I love it enough that I would pay that much. You need at most a dime-sized amount, so the bottle will last a while. It comes in a pump, too! Maybe that’s silly to be happy about, but the more a product is exposed to air the less potent it becomes, so I appreciate the thoughtful packaging.

Easter and Magic Island

I’m guilty of listening to the same music over and over again. I don’t often find new artists, but thanks to Spotify I heard Liver by Easter, which I immediately liked. Since then, I’ve been listening to their other music and there’s a lot of interesting tracks. Easter is somewhere between spoken word and rap set to electronic music. At times, it gets weird, but I’m kind of into?

Also, Magic Island, just released a new track, Summer Luvin. It’s the perfect end of summer pick me up with a 80s pop influence. It’s totally going to get stuck in your head. I warned you.


Dried Apricots

Perhaps this is the most random favorite ever, but I tried dried apricots and in short, so good! I opted for the unsweetened version because I’m about that no refined sugar life, but they are still very sweet. They make for a great small snack. What’s your favorite dried fruit?

Vegan Burritos

I was looking for recipes on Pinterest as one does and I saw some burritos that looked tasty, but easy enough that I couldn’t mess up. If you need a quick meal, try this recipe. I add more spices and potatoes, and top with tomatoes and avocado. Yum!


Collapsible Containers

I recommended a collapsible lunch box in my back to school ethical shopping guide, but I couldn’t fit one that was quite what I wanted for myself. Then, I stumbled across this set of 4 containers. It’s the same price as many of the single containers and you get a variety of sizes, so I picked them up. If you take your lunch to work or school, these are great! I already have so many textbooks and notebooks to lug around in my backpack, so I appreciate how slim these are. They’re not flimsy like I feared either. Not the most exciting item this month, but very useful!


Acure Radical Resurfacing Treatment

You may have seen my Instastories about this treatment from Acure. It’s supposed to even your complexion, reducing hyperpigmentation and improving texture. It’s too soon to give a full review, but so far I really like it and I think it might be a winner. I’ll have a full review in a few weeks!


Please share your favorites below. See you on Thursday.




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