How to Wash & Style Your Hair Less Often

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I love when my hair is done. When I have effortless voluminous waves and bangs that are behaving, I just feel a bit better. Love good hair days, hate doing my hair. Are you with me? We don’t often talk about hair here, but I thought it was time I shared how I wash mine about once a week and maintain my look with minimal effort.

Wash & Set

For me, Sundays are hair washing days. And plant watering days. And try-to-do-everything-you-meant-to-do-this-weekend days. I haven’t found the perfect shampoo and conditioner yet, but I have reviewed a lot of Shea Moisture products.

Before I go to bed, I set my hair to get curls overnight, which guarantees good hair Monday and Tuesday. There are so many ways to do this! You can try French braids, rope braids, buns, rag curls- the list goes on. On the 17th, there will be a video on how I achieve my heatless hair, so subscribe so don’t miss it! If you favor a blowout or your natural texture, do you. Keep in mind, heavy products will make your hair dirty faster, so they should be avoided.


To get a second or third day out of your heatless curls, you need to protect it overnight. My favorite method is space buns. I gently finger comb my hair (a brush or comb will loosen the curls) and pull it up into two buns on top of my head, so it’s still comfortable to sleep. Use scrunchies to prevent dents. The curls will be a bit looser the next day, but it’s still pretty.


After a few days, my curls have dropped out a lot, so it’s time to style them again. Before I do, I always use a densely bristled paddle brush. A wooden brush would work, too. It can be a bit time consuming, but thoroughly brushing your hair helps distribute the natural oils from your scalp through the length of your hair and prevents oily roots. I work through small sections of my hair, brushing each at least three times. Remember to wash your brush often.

It would be ideal to do this every day, but it pulls out the curls, so I only do it do it when I’m not preserving the texture. If you wear your hair straight, your natural texture, or style it every day, brush away! This is probably the most crucial step to go longer between washes. In my experience, it makes a huge difference.



Later in the week, my roots can look a little greasy, so I use this DIY two ingredient dry shampoo with a kabuki brush. It’s cheap, easy and most importantly, effective!

I repeat this process for the rest of the week. Writing it all out makes it sound like a hassle, but this routine is actually time saver, especially in the morning when I’m getting ready.

If you have any hair tips, please share below. I’m not very talented in the hair department, so I could use the help! Remember to subscribe to see how I get my heatless curls. Thanks for reading.



8 thoughts on “How to Wash & Style Your Hair Less Often

  1. My hair strands are pretty thinner than general people out there. Since the weather in Bangladesh is pretty humid I need to wash my hair every alternative day. But I do like your routine. Double thumvs up. 🖒🖒


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