How to Oil Cleanse for Smooth & Clear Skin


A few weeks ago, I gave my skincare routine a little makeover. My previous routine was preventing my skin from getting worse, but I knew it could be better. I finally changed how I cleanse my skin and it changed everything! All this time, I’ve been focusing on finding the right serums and moisturizers when how I washed my face was the culprit.

I’ve been aware of oil cleansing for a couple years and used it to take off my makeup, but I never realized what a difference oil could make by using it as my primary cleanser. The best part? It’s suitable for all skin types! If you have dry, oily, mature, acne prone, textured, irritated or sensitive skin, you have to try oil cleansing. My skin is the best it’s been in years.

My Experience

I’d like to preface this with a quick history on my skin. I’ve always had sensitive reactive skin. Over the last few years, I’ve battled dryness and flakiness in combination with acne. If that’s not enough, I also have dermatitis on my cheeks, which means redness, texture and more dryness!

The first benefit of oil cleansing I noticed was how my skin felt. Just one day into my new routine, my skin felt so soft. Over the last three and a half weeks, the texture on my cheeks disappeared and they now feel just as soft as the rest of my face. Flaky skin? Nope! Thankfully, my makeup doesn’t have any super dry patches to cling to anymore.

If you’re acne prone, you might be hesitant to try this, but my face has cleared up a lot. I never get cystic acne or anything large and painful, just many small and very annoying blemishes. They haven’t completely vanished, but there is definitely far fewer, which is great.

Overall, my complexion is less red and irritated and just way happier. I thought oil cleansing would help with my dry skin, but it’s surpassed my expectations and helped with other issues, too. It seems like my skin is still improving. Maybe I’ll do an update after another couple months. Let me know in the comments if you want to see that!

Just a friendly reminder, skincare is just one factor that affects your complexion. You can’t rely on it wholly. Your diet, hydration, lifestyle, environment and other health factors also affect your skin. Oil cleansing has really helped my skin, but it hasn’t perfected it. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it though. You definitely should!

I should probably tell you how to do it now.


The Oil

The first step is to choose your oil. It should come as no surprise that my oil of choice is the Leven Rose jojoba oil. I reviewed their oils, but in short, they’re great and you can get them through Amazon Prime. Win win.

I recommend using jojoba oil because it’s a dry oil (thin consistency, no yucky feeling), has a light unoffensive scent and most importantly, its chemical makeup is similar to our skin’s sebum. I’m no professional, but the similarities are supposed to help your skin regulate oil production and dissolve hardened sebum in your pores, aka blemishes. As stated above, this has been true for me.

The Method

It might feel so wrong at first, but you’re going to take about a quarter-sized amount of oil and rub it into your dry face. It feels less weird everyday, I promise. Now just gently massage it into the skin. Honestly, this does take longer than washing your face normally does, but it’s actually very relaxing and so worth it. I like take this opportunity to sit on the edge of the tub and give myself a facial massage. Treat yo’ self.


After a few minutes, it’s time to remove the excess oil. You can rinse your face with warm water, or wipe it away with a damp washcloth and pat dry. Your skin should be left feeling clean and moisturized. Continue with the rest of your skincare routine. In the evenings, I add a treatment and serum and in the mornings, I just top it off with a bit more jojoba oil if my skin feels a little tight.

You can oil cleanse to remove makeup, but I prefer to remove my makeup beforehand and then oil cleanse. It’s up to personal preference.

That’s it! Very simple and, in my experience, very effective. Do you oil cleanse? Are you going to try it? I’m so surprised by the results, so I’d love to know you if you’re also surprised jojoba oil packs such a punch. Please share below!



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