5 Tips to Balance College, Blogging & Everything Else

IMG_4358I wish I could tell you the one trick to doing it all, but the balancing act isn’t easy. There have been days where I’m not very active online, nights where I don’t get enough sleep and weeks where I don’t exercise. Not exactly my dream life… I’ve been back to class for over month now and I’m finally finding my groove, but honestly, finding balance in life can be hard! Hard, but not impossible. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your academics, blog and everything else I hope my tips help you get back on track.

Prioritize based on your needs.

Maybe this is controversial advice, but if you’re like me (i.e. trying to do everything all the time), then something has to give and it’s okay if sometimes it’s school. Yes, college is important, but if you’re reading this, I bet your blog is really important too and you know what else is? Your health, your hobbies, your friends/family and a break or two. The world won’t end if you’re not ahead on your work or just miss a reading. I’ve skipped a few lectures that I knew would be the same old same old because I desperately needed to grocery shop and tidy my apartment or lay in bed, totally disconnect and chill the fuck out. I don’t regret it one bit.

Apply yourself to your studies, but when another area of your life needs attention, give it your attention. The most important part, don’t feel bad about it! It might not fit in with the traditional college dialogue, but I argue it’s healthy and necessary.

Plan. Plan. Plan.

You know what’s crazy? Trying to keep all the deadlines and to do lists straight in your head. Get yourself a planner. There are so many different types, so you can find one that works for you. You can even create your own with a bullet journal, which is my preferred method. Recently I shared my simple bullet journal setup that’s perfect for school and blogging.

What makes planning so effective for me is the scope of information I include. There aren’t just deadlines for papers and projects, there are deadlines for blog posts and videos too. Just like you would break large assignments into smaller tasks to add to your daily to-do lists, I recommend doing the same for blogging. It makes it more manageable and while you don’t have time to complete a post today, you probably can make time to write it or take photos for it. Don’t forget to log other important events and tasks. Schedule a Friday night with your friends or cat and write down when rent is due too.

How you plan is up to you, but getting organized is sure to help you manage your time better and gain mental clarity.

Utilize awkward in between times.

Speaking of time management, you know that hour before your first class of the day, or that 45 minutes you have until your next class? It’s so easy to waste that time, but if you’re trying to be seriously productive, make the most of it. I’m writing this blog post between classes. If I put off until after class, I’m not sure it’d get done tonight.

Take a look at your schedule and identify squandered time. You’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up. Now instead of using it to scroll through Instagram (my weakness), review your notes for that upcoming quiz or draft a blog post.IMG_3779

Don’t sacrifice sleep for “more” productive time.

I know you college kids are always staying up all night. I’m an old lady on the inside, so pulling all-nighters isn’t even on my radar. Yet I have been guilty of staying up late or trying to get up early to get more done. That will get you more time, but it won’t be quality time because you’re tired. When you’re tired, your ability to focus, produce error-free work and retain information is compromised and that isn’t what we want! Enough sleep is crucial for a happy body and alert mind.

I want to. I don’t have to.

When we feel overwhelmed, it’s easy become resentful toward our lives. Sometimes I get really stressed out (like right now) because tonight I have to do schoolwork, finish this post, edit and upload a video, and pack for my weekend trip. Phew. I have to remind myself that the reason all these tasks are on my to-do list is because I want to get my degree, I love blogging, and I want to have a fun trip this weekend. Just telling yourself that your lifestyle is a choice is empowering and a stress reducer.


Finding balance is a process, but hopefully these tips help you get a little closer. They have definitely helped me over the past few weeks.

Do you have tips for leading a balanced life? Please share below! I always love hearing from you.





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