Best Vegan T-Shirts & Thoughts on Being a Proud Vegan


We have a bit of two-in-one today! I’ve found some really cool and badass ethical and vegan clothing that I would happily buy, but then I ask myself, “It is weird to have more than one pro-vegan t-shirt? Is it weird to even have one that advertises my lifestyle?”

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Easy Autumnal Halo Eye Tutorial | Vegan & Nontoxic

IMG_5009So far this autumn we’ve talked about my fall wardrobe essentials,Β how to eat seasonally and I thought it was only right to include a festive makeup tutorial because I, like most, love warm reddish tones on the eyes. Today I’m showing you how to create this easy halo eye look using all nontoxic, vegan and cruelty free makeup. I love how cool, effortless and a little grungy it looks. I could happily wear this everyday. I’m not even good at applying eye shadow either, so if I can do this, you totally can.

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Current Favorites & Happenings | Sundaze

IMG_5073It feels like I just shared my September favorites, but somehow I already have a few things I’m itching to share. I would save them for an October favorites post, but I have something a little different planned for the end of the month, which I think you’ll enjoy. As for today, there will some products and some rambling because it’s Sunday and on Sundays, we keep it casual.

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Why I Love Fall (and used to hate it)| Sundaze

Version 3What. A. Week. I really wasn’t anticipating this week to be absolutely overwhelming and draining. This weekend has been all about recharging because I just had to stop and regroup. The to-do list can wait until Monday! I hope you all get some time to relax this weekend too. Since I’m happily cozied up and will be making the tastiest vegetable stew later, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to tell you why I enjoy fall so much. I know the internet goes crazy for pumpkins and cozy vibes, but for me, autumn used to be a bit of a sad time.

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Green Beauty Products Worth the Splurge | Review

heatlesshairHappy Friday! I thought we’d do something a bit different and fun today. Some of my favorite posts to write are green beauty reviews and you all seem to love them too. My last review was rather luxurious and it made me wonder what other high priced items are worth every penny. Here are five nontoxic, vegan and cruelty-free beauty products that are totally splurge-worthy.

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Getting Personal & A New Series!

IMG_4517Posting on a Sunday- who am I? It’s been a while, but Sunday posts are back and better than before. In an effort to connect with you more, Sunday posts are more laid back, personal and cover topics that perhaps I wouldn’t usually talk about. I’m down to talk about just about anything and want you to be involved, so who knows where this will go! For today, we’re going to chat about changes, some exciting, some scary and all happening very soon.

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