My Autumn Style Essentials

IMG_4789Today, we’re kicking off the autumnal content with a little peek into my fall wardrobe and it’s just as cozy as you’d expect. This is my favorite season to dress for because it’s cool enough to layer, but not so cold that you have to be all bundled up. If only it was like that all year long.

I have two favorite outfit formulas that never fail and make getting dressed while still half asleep so much easier. 

sweater + jeans + chunky shoesIMG_4804

This is pretty basic but if you combine the right pieces, it can still be fun without being complicated. I prefer an oversized sweater with a collar that drapes well, jeans with an interesting cut or detail like patches and my docs. I like to go with a heavier shoe because it balances the fullness of the top and keeps the look a little tougher. That’s basically the theme of my wardrobe, volume and a little grit. Oddly, that also describes my hair…

tights + socks + dressessentialthighhighsocks – Version 2

I enjoy wearing dresses too, so to make them weather appropriate I add tights, always black and usually sheer, and over the knee socks. They really do keep your legs warm and they’re just cute. If you opt for a netural color, they aren’t too eye-catching but still add texture, which is great for when you want to be a little more under the radar. I always choose loose dresses, which are sometimes just men’s shirts, because I live in oversized clothes. This is seriously the comfiest and what I go for when I’m bored of denim.


Some other fall favorites are turtle/mock necks under anything from a corduroy bell sleeve top to a hoodie. By now I think you know I love layering, especially when it’s unexpected combinations. No matter what I’m wearing, I throw a utilitarian jacket over top. It goes with just about every casual outfit.

mr. kate ethical ring collectionFor accessories, I wear my usual dainty necklaces and pile on the rings. Like I mentioned in my last post, my pink nails are traded in for a dark hues.

What are your fall wardrobe staples? Honestly, it’s still a bit too warm to break out the knitwear, but I’m ready!

I’ll be back on Thursday with a beauty post and I hope you stick around because it’s going to be a lot of fun.



8 thoughts on “My Autumn Style Essentials

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  4. I wish we had ‘fall’ in Nigeria so I could try out your outfit choices. What we have is harmattan (kinda like winter) and that’s the only time I get to wear tights and I love them so


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