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IMG_5073It feels like I just shared my September favorites, but somehow I already have a few things I’m itching to share. I would save them for an October favorites post, but I have something a little different planned for the end of the month, which I think you’ll enjoy. As for today, there will some products and some rambling because it’s Sunday and on Sundays, we keep it casual.

IMG_5071First up is a little sneak peek at a full review (of three shades) coming soon. I was one of the lucky winners of the Au Naturale Eternity Lipstick in the shade innocence and I’m obsessed. Like worn-it-every-day-since-I-got-it-obsessed. It’s a bit of a surprise because it’s a lavender toned nude and looked shimmery in the bullet, neither of which were very appealing to me. Turns out it’s the perfect my lips but better shade. Moral of the story, you don’t know until you try. And buy this lipstick.

I’ve been meaning to get back to reading novels for so long now, but in the last few weeks I’ve really been thinking about it. I’ve even spoken about it. As much as I’d love to curl up and spend my evenings reading, I don’t see that happening anytime soon, so I went with the best thing, an audiobook. I’ve listened to a few in the past and provided you enjoy the reader’s voice, it’s a pleasant experience. This time I tried Audible. Honestly, it’s way overpriced, so I’ll just be enjoying the free one month trial.

Currently, I’m on Chapter 21 of Jane Eyre. Yes, I’m boring and almost exclusively read classic literature, but I really do enjoy it. It’s been great when I’m driving to and from campus, cooking and getting ready for bed. I even unlocked badges for being a little bookworm. I want to dislike Audible because it’s expensive, but I actually enjoy the app. Shit.

If you have any good alternatives, please let me know!

IMG_5060Another listening favorite is Glen Hansard. If you haven’t watched Once, what are you doing? It’s the sweetest and the soundtrack is great. Even though I’ve listen to the songs he wrote for the film so many times, I never got into his other work. Now the Rhythm and Repose album is often on repeat. The word that always comes to mind is raw. It’s some emotional stuff, but sometimes it’s what I want.

Lastly, I’ve been taking it a little slower this week and it’s been a nice change. It’s not so much that I’ve been doing less, just stressing less or trying to at least. After being forced to reevaluate why I’m pushing myself so hard to graduate in the spring (one year early) and burning myself out with a heavy workload, I realized there was no good reason. In the end, I decided to not take 21 credits of core classes next semester and opt for a couple summer courses to finish my degree and it feels good. Like I mentioned last week, I struggle to focus on the present, but now that I’ve given myself from breathing room, I’m doing a bit better.

I hope you’re having a great weekend or week if you’re catching this later. What have you been loving lately? I always appreciate your recommendations, so leave a comment if there’s something I should check out!



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