Easy Autumnal Halo Eye Tutorial | Vegan & Nontoxic

IMG_5009So far this autumn we’ve talked about my fall wardrobe essentialshow to eat seasonally and I thought it was only right to include a festive makeup tutorial because I, like most, love warm reddish tones on the eyes. Today I’m showing you how to create this easy halo eye look using all nontoxic, vegan and cruelty free makeup. I love how cool, effortless and a little grungy it looks. I could happily wear this everyday. I’m not even good at applying eye shadow either, so if I can do this, you totally can.

This look is also quite affordable. All the shadows I used are from Silk Naturals and $4.50 each. The rest of their products are quite affordable too and if you’re curious about their lipsticks and highlighters, I have reviews and swatches of both.IMG_4980To prep the eyes, I used the Silk Naturals Stick ‘Em Eye Shadow Enhancer. Because I’m using loose shadows and already did my base, it’s especially important to use a primer to prevent fallout. This one does a great job and you only need the tiniest bit.

After it dried, I swept Mellow, a pale yellow, all over the lid and brow bone with a fluffy brush, so the rest of the shadows will blend nicely.

Taking the same tapered fluffy brush, I ran Brandy, a light peach, through the crease. To do a halo eye, the darker colors are concentrated in the inner and outer corner, so remember to bring these shadows all the way in to your tear duct.IMG_4990 (1)Next, I went in with Cognac to deepen the crease. Any reddy brown will do. As you can see, it got on my lids too and that’s okay. This look is really forgiving, so don’t worry if it’s a little messy. Once my brush had little shadow left on it, I softened the outer edge and pulled the color up and out a bit. I have hooded eyes, so if I didn’t do this, my shadow would be near invisible when my eyes are open.IMG_4993 (1)Here’s where I messed up a bit. I decided to define the crease further using Morsel, a matte dark brown with a tinge of red, and I had a tough time blending it out. It was really patchy, so I did my best to make it disappear with lots of blending and a little more Cognac.

Using a packing brush, I took Cognac all over the lid avoiding the center. This really intensifies the color and requires no blending, which I’m always happy about.

By the way, all the shadows I’ve used up until this point were matte, but one of my brushes must have had some leftover shimmer. Let this be a PSA to wash your brushes!IMG_5000 (1)Now it’s the fun part. It’s time to apply the glitter, shimmer or metallic shadow of your choice. I went with Sweater because it is sweater weather after all and I thought rose gold would complement this look. Unfortunately, this shade is no longer available.

I applied the highlight to the center of my lid using a packing brush. To really give the shine a boost, you can wet your brush. This shade was very vibrant dry, so I didn’t bother. For the finishing touch, I alternated between Cognac and Sweater to make the transition between shades smoother.IMG_5022For the lower lash line, I used a pencil brush to apply Brandy and Cognac to mirror the top. Because I wanted that easy lived-in feeling, I smudged Morsel in the lash line. Then I popped the same dark brown on the water line and tightlined my upper lashes for a little more definition. A eyeliner would work just as well here. Actually, it’d probably be way more convenient!

I decided to forgo mascara because I thought it looked cooler without it. I wish I had a shadow that matched my brows because I think a full brow would suit this look, but that’s okay. To keep the attention on the eyes, I went for Au Naturale lipstick in Innocence, but a nude or deep red would be beautiful as well.

I really love this whole look and I hope you enjoyed it too. If you want to see more makeup tutorials, let me know and in the meantime, there’s this Get Ready With Me.




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    • Yes, they are all stunning and all vegan! There are just 11 Silk Naturals that aren’t and they are clearly marked not vegan under the product description. Luckily, you have 252 vegan ones to choose from!


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