Best Vegan T-Shirts & Thoughts on Being a Proud Vegan


We have a bit of two-in-one today! I’ve found some really cool and badass ethical and vegan clothing that I would happily buy, but then I ask myself, “It is weird to have more than one pro-vegan t-shirt? Is it weird to even have one that advertises my lifestyle?”

While I don’t want to be obnoxious, I am proud to be vegan. I love this lifestyle and I believe in it, so of course I want to promote it. It might seem silly wearing something with a vegan message would make a difference, but it does. I’ve been asked what my V tee means and it starts a conversation. Sure, it isn’t anything deep, but it gives me the opportunity to educate people on what it is and that makes me feel good. So I guess my answer is let’s buy all the vegan t-shirts. Well, the non-lame ones. I have some recommendations.


Since I already mentioned my V t-shirt, let’s start with Frost Streetwear. Like everything else I’m sharing, this is sweatshop free, but it’s also organic cotton and so soft! I wear this all the time and I like that it’s subtle. As much a giant V can be anyway.



I think I want just about everything from Plant Faced. If I had to choose a favorite, I’d say this Plant Life long sleeve top. There’s just something funny about a skull with kale for crossbones. Oh, and this soy milk tee. Also, hilarious to me. I love how playful their items are while still retaining a tough streetwear vibe.



If you want something a little more direct and X-Files inspired, Teuf has you covered. I love baseball tees and t-shirts long enough to wear as dresses, so I’m sold. It’s hand printed right here in Pennsylvania and even comes with a crystal. Does it get better?



Lastly, we have cutesy option with Meaningful Paws. They will soon be discontinuing most of their clothes and focusing on tumblers, so snag these while you can! My favorite is the Choose Dairy-free print because the cruelties of the dairy industry especially break my heart and what’s cuter than mama and baby cow cuddles?

Do you wear your veganism? I’m curious how you all feel about it, so please share in the comments!

All photos via the respective brands’ websites.




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