About October | It was a lot.

Version 3Hey! I hope you’re all having a great Halloween. I’m not doing anything particularly festive, but I thought we could still celebrate by recapping what happened this month and also taking a peek at what’s to come. October was such a whirlwind. I introduced two new series on the blog, started posting three times a week again, moved and tried my best to juggle everything else.

  What Happened  

I admit it wasn’t the best idea to take on extra blog posts during an already busy month, but I’m really glad I did. Though I missed two blog posts, I think I did okay! Honestly, I was really concerned that it would be a struggle, or impossible, to maintain three weekly posts while going to school. It does require extra planning and solid time management, but it’s doable.


The autumnal vibes were strong this month and it was a lot of fun. I told you why I love fall and used to hate it, shared a very tasty vegan stew recipe, showed you what I wear when the weather cools down and did an easy warm halo eye tutorial.

If you had a favorite post, I’d love to know what it was. Mine was probably the halo eye because it was a surprise. I never thought about doing a makeup tutorial because I’m not great at makeup, especially shadow, but I loved how the look came out and you all seemed to enjoy it too. Maybe you’ll be seeing more makeup tutorials soon…


I also put out a couple of other posts that I’m proud of and think are very important. The first is 5 things I learned from anxiety and depression. I will definitely be speaking more about my experience in the future because I want to contribute to the discussion about mental health. Also on a vulnerable note, I did the my perfect imperfections tag.

Though a bit stressful, it was a good month for the blog. I just surpassed 200 followers a few days ago, so thank you for that! I’m glad you enjoy my content and care what I have to say. I know it’s cliché, but seeing you interact with and like what I make is so fulfilling and just makes me happy.

  What Happens Now 


Firstly, I can’t believe it’s November. In just another month, my blog turns one! I want to do something fun to celebrate, but I haven’t quite figured it out yet.

I have planned all of my posts for this month though and I think you’re going to like them. Three weekly posts are here to stay and Sundaze will still be casual and cover lots of different topics. In November, you can expect green beauty, recipes, ethical fashion, wellness, lifestyle and even a little DIY action. Well, assuming I don’t mess it up this time. These are topics I usually blog about, but some upcoming posts are definitely out of my comfort zone.

If there’s anything in particular you want to see, let me know! I haven’t forgotten that a few of you were curious about menstrual cups and I will be trying one so I can report back. The things I do for the internet.

Okay, that’s enough rambling from me. Thanks for the love this month. I’m sending it back to you. Let’s make November even better.

Happy Halloween!





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