November Favorites | Beauty, Style & Food

Version 3I know we all always say this, but I can’t believe it’s already favorites time. Hey, November? Where did you go? Were you even here in the first place? It was a weird stressful month, but despite that I have quite a few favorites to share with you. There’s a little beauty, a little fashion, a little food and a ramble about what happened this month.

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Why I Switched to Green Beauty + Transition Tips


We talk about green beauty nearly every week here, yet I’ve never told you how I found it in the first place. It’s no secret that I love nontoxic makeup and skincare, but until about four years ago I didn’t even know it existed. It all started with a series of painful reactions on my face. Though it wasn’t much fun, it changed my makeup bag forever.

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Petit Vour Green Beauty Haul & First Impressions

IMG_5177I finally used up the last drop of my beloved 100 Percent Pure BB Cream, so of course I took the opportunity to place an order from Petit Vour. It’s my favorite one stop shop for vegan and cruelty free nontoxic beauty. They have a great selection and you earn 20% back in store credit with every purchase. It’s a dream. Everyone loves a good haul, so today I’m showing you what I picked up and how it’s performing so far.

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Weird Things People Say to Vegans

IMG_4517World Vegan Day was earlier this week and like others, it prompted me to reflect on what veganism has done for me and why I love this lifestyle so much. It also made me think about how veganism is perceived and the reactions some have had to my lifestyle. Since it’s Friday and we can always use a laugh, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to recount the weirdest things people have ever said to me because I’m vegan.

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