Weird Things People Say to Vegans

IMG_4517World Vegan Day was earlier this week and like others, it prompted me to reflect on what veganism has done for me and why I love this lifestyle so much. It also made me think about how veganism is perceived and the reactions some have had to my lifestyle. Since it’s Friday and we can always use a laugh, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to recount the weirdest things people have ever said to me because I’m vegan.

Let’s begin with a classic that I’m sure most, if not all of you, have heard.

what not to do when going to vegan veganism tips

“…What do you eat?”

Plants and no, that doesn’t mean I only eat salads.

You know people don’t understand how serious the issue is when they ask,

“Do you eat like that all the time?” 

I know they are asking innocently, but it still baffles me. I don’t just respect animals and the planet when I feel like it. It’s not like I try to be a good person most of the time, but throw my morals to wind for cheese. It’s just a silly question.

“I could never do that.”

Actually, you could and also, I didn’t even say you should. Of course, I think everyone should, but people say this to me without any suggestion on my part. Why so defensive?

“So do you have to take a lot of vitamins and supplements?”

So do you even know anything about health? Sorry for the sass, but c’mon people, educate yourselves!

current favorite vegan easy quick summer sweet snacks cookies juice smoothie

At a restaurant I asked the waitress if a dish was vegan and her response was,

“Yeah, that’s gluten free.”

I understand that there are relatively few people who dine there that have dietary restrictions, but that doesn’t mean we’re all the same. PSA: Gluten free doesn’t mean vegan.

And I can’t forget this one.

“Is it vegan if they used manure to fertilize the plants?”

I  don’t even know what to say to this.


Of course, if you have any weird things people have said to you because you’re vegan, please share! I know I’m not the only recipient of strange comments and I’m sure some of you have heard downright bizarre things. Also, to any family or friends who were featured in this post, I still love you, but sometimes you make me a little crazy.

Have a great weekend, everyone! See you on Sunday.




5 thoughts on “Weird Things People Say to Vegans

  1. one time I told someone I thought NFL football was unethical and the response was “omg you must be vegan too?”… I’m not vegan.. and was so annoyed that it was used as a way to be dismissive.


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  3. I changed my diet to vegan two months ago. I laughed at all of these remarks because they have all been said to me before.
    In general, people just assume that I crave meat, dairy and fish 24/7 and that this diet is unbelievably restrictive. I also do not like when I make vegan meals and people say “oh, that does not even look like vegan food”. It is like, what do you expect it to look like? It is not all vegetables and fruit.


    • Hooray for two months! Yeah, I always get asked if I miss animal products too. I get what you mean about the “it doesn’t look vegan” comment. It’s just a bit silly, isn’t it? Thanks for reading and sharing (:

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