Vegan & Ethically Made Outerwear | Shopping Guide

IMG_5099Last week I had an epiphany. I spend most of the year wearing a coat and yet I only own a single coat. From a minimalism standpoint, this is great, but as a girl who has always loved fashion, this is a little sad. Cue searching the internet for coats and jackets for every occasion.

Since I transitioned to ethically made and secondhand clothing two years ago, I haven’t purchased any outerwear, so I wasn’t totally sure where to look. Surprisingly, it was quite easy to find options appropriate for various weather types, but if you have any favorites, please share!

  The Puffer  everlaneshortpuffer

I know, can a make a shopping guide without featuring Everlane? It’s not my fault they make beautiful clothing I want to fill my wardrobe with and they just happened to launch puffer jackets. This is not my favorite style, but Everlane killed it. I never thought I’d want a puffer, but here we are. There are three variations to suit mild to the most frigid temperatures.

  The Parka  fatfaceparka

My go-to is a classic green parka. It keeps me warm and goes with just about everything. This one from Fat Face would make a great staple for many winters to come. Of course, I have to sneak in that Everlane has a great unisex Parka, which looks oh so cozy.

  The Swing Coat  vautecoutureswingcoat

For those of you who want a little more drama, I present this swing coat from Vaute Couture. An oversized hood puts a quirky spin on this classic silhouette and I’m obsessed. It can easily be dressed up or down, which is sometimes tricky with outerwear. If black isn’t your style, it also comes in red.

  The…Corduroy? peopletreehollis-corduroy-jacket

Corduroy is back and I’m loving it. I know it’s not everyone’s favorite, but I’ve always liked it even when it wasn’t in style. This transitional piece from People Tree is a great way to embrace the trend. It’s somewhere between shirt and jacket and all kinds of chic. It’s an interesting piece that I would love to style.

  The Tease  valfregoodbyejacket

Valfré is my favorite playful and unapologetically bold brand. Their jackets are so exception. They may not keep you warm this winter, but it will be perfect in the spring when you’re ready to shed the heavy layers and have some fun. Sometimes you just want your clothes to do the talking for you.

Do you have any ethical outerwear suggestions? If you do, leave a comment below! Also, let me know what you favorite featured piece was!

All images via product listing on their respective websites.


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