5 Ways to Prevent Dry Skin This Winter

IMG_5134Much to my dismay, as soon as the season changes, so does my skin and it’s not for the better. Winter typically means dry irritated skin that nothing can seem to heal. This year, I’m taking preventive action and saving my skin from winter before snow even hits the ground.

Avoid hot showers.

Now that it’s cold, nothing sounds better than a hot shower, but in my experience, it’s the fastest way to wreak havoc on your skin. Turn the temp down a bit and remember it’s for the best.

Moisturize regularly. Seriously, do it.

When we’re bundled up, it’s easy to forget about what’s underneath all that knitwear. Just because you aren’t showing as much skin, doesn’t mean you can forgo moisturizing without consequence. To keep skin hydrated and happy, you have to moisturize. I opt for some coconut oil when I’m straight out of the shower. It’s cheap, clean and does the job. Just be careful of doggies who think you’re a giant treat! Anyone else’s pup love coconut oil?


Butters, balms and salves.

Some areas just need a little extra love. For me, and I’m sure a lot of you, that’s my hands.  Constantly washing and exposing my hands to the bitter cold leaves them in need of repair. The Nourish Organic Rose Butter offers intense hydration without a heavy greasy feeling. I apply it every night before bed and it makes a huge difference. It’s also great for chapped lips and cuticles. I think it might just be my winter holy grail. Oh and because I get this question often, no it doesn’t have a strong rose scent!

Oil cleanse.

Yes, I’m still not over it. Using jojoba oil to cleanse my face is the best thing I’ve ever done for my skin. If you need more info, I wrote all about oil cleansing here. This method never leaves your skin feeling stripped like some conventional cleansers and it combats flakiness and rough dry patches making it a perfect match for winter. Use with a konjac sponge for extra gentle exfoliation.


Mask wisely.

I’m all for using face masks, but when your skin is already on the dehydrated fragile side, maybe skip the deep cleaning clay one and go for something hydrating instead. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be using the Mermaid Detox mask, but only as a spot treatment. I actually don’t have a good hydrating mask, so let me know what your favorites are!

I think the hardest step will be resisting super hot showers, but I’m determined! If winter is your worst enemy, let me know what you do keep your skin looking its best. Also, I’m considering sharing tips for applying makeup to dry skin, so if you want to see that, please comment below. Otherwise, I’ll see you later this week!



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