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Version 3I know we all always say this, but I can’t believe it’s already favorites time. Hey, November? Where did you go? Were you even here in the first place? It was a weird stressful month, but despite that I have quite a few favorites to share with you. There’s a little beauty, a little fashion, a little food and a ramble about what happened this month.


IMG_5288If you saw my Petit Vour Haul, you know that they kindly included a couple of samples of the Ursa Major 3-Minute Flash Mask. It’s a basically a chemical exfoliant, which sounds really scary, but even my highly sensitive skin could handle it. The mask is a clear gel that glides on the skin and has a fresh minty scent. It doesn’t feel like much when it’s on, but guys…my skin was so soft and smooth afterward. There was no irritation, just happy smooth skin. As someone with dry (and unfortunately, sometimes flaky) skin, this mask has been a pleasure to use.

Of course, there has to a be a catch. The full size is $44, which I could justify because you only need a small amount. The real problem is that it comes in jar. I don’t buy masks or moisturizers in jars because the product is continuously exposed to the air every time you open it. Maybe it’s not really any different than a pump, but it seems silly. Plus, I don’t want to dig my nails into the product- yuck. The product gets a thumbs up. The packaging? Not so much.

‘Tis the season… of dry cracked hands. To combat winter’s havoc on my skin, I revisited an old favorite. This Rose Butter from Nourish Organic is back on my nightstand and it won’t be going anywhere until April. And yes, it’s in a jar. It’s a balm though, so it doesn’t count. That’s my logic and I’m sticking to it. Anyway, I should have started using it sooner because my hands got seriously dry earlier this month, but after consistent use my hands are healed and soft again.

After deeming the Acure Radical Resurfacing Treatment a so-so product, it’s back in my favorites. I took it out of my evening skincare routine for about two weeks because it’s a bit drying and in that time, my complexion became very uneven. I guess I didn’t realize how much it was working. It really helps calm redness and speeds up the healing of acne scars a bit too. It’s still not the best thing out there for hyperpigmentation, so I don’t recommend it for stubborn spots, but if you want a gentle and affordable option, it’s solid.


IMG_5298Once my hair gets past a certain length a ponytail isn’t happening. At least, comfortably it’s not. Maybe this is just common hair knowledge, but it’s new to me. First, make a ponytail with the top section of your hair. Then, pull up the rest with the hairtie around the new section and the top ponytail. Lastly, wrap a small section of hair around the base to conceal the bands and secure with a bobby pin. Not only does it look like you put in some extra effort and give you added volume, it keeps you pain-free all day long.

Honestly, I’ve basically been wearing the same few outfits all month long. One of them being a sweater and jeans. Easy, comfy, done. Turtlenecks make it even cozier, so needless to say my sweaters with collars have been getting the most wear. By the way, there are so many sweaters in this style at thrift stores, so if you’re in the market, check them out.


IMG_5290In November, I was reunited with my one true love. Carob. Apparently, I’m the only person who loves it because my local grocery stores stopped carrying it. I was heartbroken. I tried using cocoa in my oatmeal as a replacement, but it just wasn’t the same. Luckily, we’re back together and I’ve been eating all the carob peanut butter oatmeal to compensate for lost time.

If you’ve never had it, it’s often likened to cocoa, but there’s nothing chocolaty about it. It’s naturally sweet and well, some would say a little earthy. I know that might not sound appetizing, but it’s the perfect addition to any sweet treat. Oats, cookies, smoothies, nice cream- I basically put it in everything. Of course, I think you all should try it. You can find it in the baking aisle.

And last but not least, we have an ode to avocado toast. I know this officially makes me basic bitch, but I don’t care. It’s delicious and I’ll be eating it for every meal.

  About November  

I know this post is getting a little long (feeling chatty, I guess), but I want to make a quick note about this month. I missed a lot of posts and I would be surprised if anyone noticed, but I still felt bad about it. For the last few weeks, I haven’t always been in the headspace to make content. I didn’t anticipate it to be such a busy month and it left me feeling drained and uninspired. Luckily the semester is drawing to a close, so in December I’ll have much more free time and I’m so excited to bring you new fun content. It’s just been a weird month, so to anyone else who feels the same way, it’s okay and let’s make December great.

If you did a November favorites, feel free to leave a link in the comments or tell me what you’ve been loving. See you Sunday with some thrift store finds.



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