What Happened Last Week

IMG_5303Hey! It’s been a minute. Or week. I think it’s clear by now that I abhor missing blog posts, but despite that, I gave myself permission to take a step back for a few days. I wasn’t rushing to take photos before going to class or frantically writing posts to publish immediately. Instead, I was doing this.

The semester is drawing to a close (finally), so naturally I was studying for exams and working late on final projects. It’s basically mandatory to feel burnt out this time of year, but I felt like I had nothing left to give this week.

After reflecting on what made this time different, I realized it was likely to do with how I was living and not just all the work. For whatever reason, I started staying up late and sleeping less, neglected my bullet journal, threw my normal diet out the window and generally abandoned everything I normally practice. Needless to say, that really took a toll, specifically on my emotional state and mindset. It’s very out of character for me to do things like that, but I think we all do things at times that don’t suit us.

In happier news, it was my birthday a few days ago! I’m pretty sure I was in my pajamas by eight, but that’s my idea of having a good time. Remember how mentioned that the Petit Vour subscription box would be a great gift? Well, I was gifted one and I’m looking forward to receiving the December box in a couple of weeks! My plan is to unbox it on my Instagram and then share any stand out products in my monthly favorites here. I’m not sure how interested you are, so let me know!


On Thursday, winter got real. There was whiteout seemingly out of nowhere that turned into five inches of snow overnight. More snow is on the way. Honestly, it’s such a hassle, but fresh snow is always pretty and oh so festive. I’ll take any excuse to stay in and get cozy under a blanket.

Speaking of being under a blanket, every night this week I came home to my roommate (aka Mimi the cat) in her new favorite spot, sleeping completely under the covers in my bed. Laziest. Cat. Ever. It’s cute though, so I can’t be mad. Also, I’m sorry to everyone who is getting cat spam via my Instagram stories. I can’t help it!


Other than coursework, I didn’t do much this week unless being anxious counts, which is my least favorite way to live. I’m so happy that the next few weeks can be all about blogging and when I do go back to class, my schedule will be more conducive to my ideal lifestyle. Things are looking up! I have a lot of fun content planned, so I hope you’ll stick around for that. Today, I just wanted to update you on where I’ve been and how I’ve been feeling before jumping back into normal posts. How was your week?



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