One Year Blogiversary | What I Learned

Version 2It’s been one year since I published my first post on Rose Recast. I remember feeling nervous and excited about finally starting my blog after years of being too scared to try. Here we are one year later and honestly, I can’t imagine life without blogging. It’s been so much fun, but not without its challenges. Today I want to share the lessons I learned the hard the way and things I never thought would happen but did.

It’s so much more than having great content.

One of things bloggers always say to beginners is to make content they themselves would want to read. I agree that people respond well to heartfelt and thoughtful content, but people have to be able to find it first. I have stumbled upon so many small blogs that I love and I can’t believe they aren’t getting more attention. Don’t overlook SEO. Even just using WordPress tags will greatly boost your visibility. If you want to grow your blog, you have to get comfortable with the not so fun tech-y parts.

You can’t hear them, but they’re there.

I read a lot of blogs and follow people on social media who I really like, but I rarely comment. I was just a silent observer of the internet for so long and have yet to break those habits fully. With that being said, I’m not really sure why this came as a surprise to me. You can have dedicated readers who never comment on or even like your posts. There are people who read all my posts and watch all my silly Instagram stories, but never talk to me. That’s totally normal, so don’t worry and to all my silent readers, thank you.

Of course there are so many other little lessons, but those were the biggest two. I think they are quite common, so if you were down about low page views or interaction, I hope you feel better now.


Now let’s talk about things I just wasn’t expecting.

I’m a beauty blogger?!

Don’t get me wrong, I love green beauty. My first blog post was a review of the 100 Percent Pure tinted moisturizer. I just thought that makeup and skincare would be a regular feature alongside fashion, which was initially my main topic. In reality, most of you follow me for green beauty and it’s become the backbone of my blog. A year ago, I never would have guessed that.

Internet friends.

The best part about blogging is getting to connect with people. I wasn’t anticipating to find so many likeminded people who could turn into real friends. Even just getting a comment that someone enjoyed what I made is the best. There’s always talk about how the internet is full of cruel words, but I think this little community is pretty great.


There are opportunities at any moment.

You never really know what’s around the corner and recently I had an opportunity that came out of seemingly nowhere. I don’t want to spoil it, but I promise you’ll be seeing it soon. I never thought I’d be working with brands so soon or rejecting offers. I still don’t know what’s to come and I’m sure there will be many more surprises. It’s just part of the journey.

Thank you all so much for reading, whether it’s been since of beginning or last week. It wouldn’t be fun if it weren’t for you.



11 thoughts on “One Year Blogiversary | What I Learned

  1. Way to go Savanna. I’m liking what I’m seeing and I just popped in today. What I especially love is your taking the time to reflect on your first year, pat yourself on the back, while also seeing farther afield to what seems to promise a great second year. You did something that made you a little uncomfortable at first, but did it anyway. I know how scary it can be to push that PUBLISH bottom, but how fulfilling it is to get on with what you have come to love doing. Then there’s the icing…You’re good at it!

    Bravo, and happy happy happy 1st Blogiversary, and many m-o-r-e!!!


  2. Congrats on your first year! I found it the hardest and the greatest learning curve personally, luckily despite always learning through the way your knowledge and experience starts to snowball :)


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