My Top 5 Go-To Vegan Meals

IMG_0886The other day I was thinking about sharing more recipes and what I eat in a day, but I realized I eat the same five things. Not really of course, but I am certainly a creature of habit. Before I force myself out of this food rut, I thought I’d share my top five go-to meals that I’m always down for.


Regardless of if I have all morning to laze about or if I’m running out the door, oatmeal is my breakfast of choice. It’s quick, filling and tasty. I love carob and peanut butter oats with any kind of berries. I’ve eaten this most mornings for probably a year. No shame.

The base is 1-2 mashed bananas (make sure they’re spotty!), 1/2-1 cup oats and enough cashew milk to cover the mixture. You can add just about anything to this and it tastes delicious. I go for carob, flaxseed, peanut butter, chia seeds and blueberries. When it’s in season, I add about a 1/2 cup of shredded zucchini. Sounds weird, but tastes great and helps me get in some extra veggies.


Falafel Wraps

When I do go out to eat, my choice is the local health foods co-op. It’s the one place I can eat in my very non-vegan friendly city. I get the falafel wrap every single time. With falafel, greens, tomatoes, hummus and avocado, what’s not to love? I’ll try the rest of the menu eventually.


I think the number of tacos I’ve eaten since going vegan is borderline ridiculous. I think it’s mostly due to finding this delicious cashew sour cream recipe. It’s a game changer. The minimal cooking and prep time is another reason this meal keep finding its way back onto my plate. It’s a quick meal and leaves you with plenty of leftovers. Win win.


Vegetable Stew

As soon as the first signs of fall show, I’m making this stew. It’s perhaps the ultimate comfort food. This recipe is also enjoyed by my nonvegan family, so if you have picky eaters, try it out. Like everything else here, it doesn’t require any hard to find ingredients or much skill in the kitchen.

Version 2

Smoothie Bowls

It’s a little too cold out to crave child treats, but summer = smoothie bowls. I don’t think you can go wrong with blended frozen fruit and all the toppings. I usually go for a banana base because I always have them on hand and top with nuts, seeds and frozen berries. Yum!

If you have any recipe suggestions, please leave them in the comments. I’m in need of a little inspiration. Happy almost weekend!





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