What I Eat in a Day | Vegan & Easy

IMG_5545Today, I decided to document everything I ate and share it with you. Maybe you need some easy vegan meals, or maybe you’re just nosy.


Though oatmeal is my go to breakfast, I decided to change it up today. I had some almost too ripe bananas, so I sprung for pancakes. My previous attempts at banana pancakes were total failures, but this recipe turned out pretty well. I probably shouldn’t have ate it first thing in the morning because these kinds of breakfast foods never sit well with me (why?!), but too late now!

By the way, if you make that recipe, I suggest adding more non-diary milk to slightly thin the batter.


Lunch is almost always leftovers and today was no different. I have so much lentil loaf from Christmas, so in an attempt to recreate it, I made it as a sandwich. Not the most exciting or photogenic meal, but definitely filling.

Usually I would snack on dates or an apple midafternoon, or even have another meal if I’m super hungry, but today I had nothing. This has happened the last few days too. My only guess is it’s due to drinking much more water. I always try to drink plenty of water, but I was constantly falling short, so now I’m really making an effort. It’s been great, but I wonder if it’s the source of lesser appetite.


Dinner was definitely the best meal of the day because I made burritos, which always hit the spot even when they’re a little messy. I’ve made this recipe so many times now because it’s quick to put together and is great for packed lunches. Most of the time I love rice, but in this case it just feels wrong, so I skip it and compensate with extra potatoes. My toppings of choice are fresh tomatoes and avocado because if I can add them, I will. I might be addicted.


To finish the day, I tried some Freaky Health chocolate. I was gifted the beauty bar, which is made of raw cacao, raw cacao butter, raw mulberries, rose petals, he shou wu, tocos and pink himalayan salt. I only recommend it if you like bitter chocolate and find joy in ingesting superfoods. It definitely doesn’t taste like your typical chocolate, but I don’t hate it. Honestly, if it was cheaper I would probably buy it again.

That’s everything I ate today. Not exactly the healthiest or most typical day for me, but it happens! If you’d like to see more posts like this, let me know below. What was the best thing you ate today?

See you Sunday with my December favorites!





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