2018 | Not New, Just Better.

IMG_5591It’s my first blog post of the new year! Naturally, I’ve been thinking about what 2018 will bring, but I’m not on board with the “new year, new me” mentality. Before we’re back to my typical content, I want to share what’s to come and how I’m approaching this year.

I’ve never been one to make resolutions. For the past two years, I made vision boards, but they aren’t appealing anymore. Vision boards require a understanding of what you want and honestly, I don’t know. This year I’ll be finishing my degree, but beyond that I have no idea what’s going to happen. Well, I’ll work, but doing what and where are big question marks.

Though there are no lofty resolutions or defined plans I made on January 1st, I always have aspirations, so they will just roll over this year. It sounds contradictory, but stick with me. In my experience, resolutions are overwhelming. I say I’m going to do all these amazing things, but then I quickly burn out and feel bad about it. Rather then declaring what I’ll achieve this year, I’m going to focus on improvement. It’s what I always strive for. For me, just working to better myself is far less intimidating than reaching specific goals. I’d love to know if you also find resolutions to a little intense, or if they really work for you.


One festive activity I did partake in was creating some 2018 bullet journal spreads. I fell out of love with my bullet journal because I was doing the same spreads every month that weren’t quite working for me. I did keep one old favorite, which is my kind of giant calendar. It spans three pages, but it gives me enough room to write multiple tasks/events in each box. This is especially useful for keeping track of class assignments. If you’re a student, I recommend you have a master calendar with all your due dates color coded by class. It’s a lifesaver!


Next up, I created a fitness spread, which is totally new to me. Like I said, I don’t have any particular fitness goal attached to 2018. I created this spread to document how many times per week I exercise and what areas I focus on. I have been to know to neglect the rest of my body and only work abs and get those booty gains because they’re my favorite.  Each time I exercise, I’ll put a dot above the respective area, so I can easily see what I’m missing and perhaps overdoing.

I also devoted a page to books to read, movies to watch and anything else I want to check out. My bullet journal needed a dose of fun, so I thought this would do the trick.

Well, this turned into a ramble. Before I go, here’s what to expect on the blog this year. Nothing new! Of course, you’ll get new content three times a week, but I’ll be covering the same topics- green beauty, ethical fashion, veganism and wellness. I guess that can be summed up as my granola lifestyle. I love discussing those subjects, so no need to change it up. There are aspects of my blog that I want to improve, but I won’t bore you with that. Just know that I’m always working to bring you better content, new year or not.

How are you feeling about 2018? Do you have resolutions, or are you just going to roll with it? Whatever the case, I hope it’s wonderful for all of you.




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