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IMG_4804Winter is in full force, making me seriously lazy when getting dressed. Just give me a cozy clothes and a heavy coat and I’ll be fine. Because of that, I’ve been heavily relying on the basics of my closet and let’s just say they are well loved. In case you’re in need of wardrobe staples, here’s a roundup of ethical and vegan options.

When choosing brands to include in this post, I focused on the quality of clothes of course, but also flexibility. I think these pieces can easily be integrated into various wardrobes and styles because they’re classic. I hope I found something right for you.


Let’s start with the very basic. Pact offers organic cotton socks, undies and all the comfy loungewear. Whether it’s for the ladies, guys or kiddos, it’s fair trade. You can find just about any basic in white, black and beige and thankfully it’s not hideous. Strangely enough finding these kinds of clothes without a granola vibe can be difficult, so look no more.


Everlane is hands down my most blogged about clothing brand. It’s hard to stop talking them about it when they just do it so good. With denim, perfectly cut tees, dresses, jackets and workwear, it’s basically a one stop shop. Unfortunately their shoes and bags aren’t so vegan friendly, but that’s my only issue. Their style is clean, modern and seriously chic.


Activewear is the land of patterns and bright colors, which most of the time looks tacky. That’s my opinion anyway, so I was so happy to find Girlfriend Collective. I always love a crop top and leggings combo and they basically make one in every color. Not only are they super cute, they are made of recycled water bottles! You can read about every step of their sourcing and production here.


I have yet to find the perfect vegan handbag, but Matt and Nat have a ton of options. So many of their styles are currently on sale, so it’s worth checking out. It’s not just handbags either. There are plenty of wallets, backpacks, weekenders, shoes, belts and small goods. Some of their pieces dabble in trends, but they always stick to a streamlined modern look. Simply put, if you buy something from Matt and Nat, it’s going to be in style far more than a couple of seasons.

Another great place for wardrobe staples is the thrift store. Almost all of my denim and knitwear was thrifted. It’s the most affordable way to stock up on basics and there just might be some hidden gems!

What are your favorite ethical stores? Leave your recommendations below!


all images via brands’ respective websites


6 thoughts on “Wardrobe Staples | Ethical Shopping Guide

    • I just stumbled across them a couple of months ago and I’m so happy I did! I’m really impressed with their production and their pieces look so cute too. Thanks for reading :)


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