Beauty Products I Don’t Use

Version 3I’m not one to bash products. Of course I give honest reviews, but outside of that if I don’t like it, I just don’t talk about it. On the other hand, I think what beauty products I don’t use can be just as insightful as what I love, so today I rounded up the products that have no place in my makeup, skincare, or haircare routine.

First up is quite possibly the most loved makeup item ever. Mascara. It feels like everyone deems mascara a necessity, but I rarely wear it. I don’t even know the last time I bought a tube. I have very straight lashes, so when they’re curled and fluttery, I just don’t feel like myself. I also love the look of bare eyes and heavy shadow sans mascara. Forgoing this so called essential step, often results in a much cooler vibe. Maybe I’ll be converted one day, but for now my lashes will stay bare.

As a naturally flushed cheeked lady, blush seems illogical. After I take the time to cover my red cheeks, why would I want to make them look rosy again?! Sometimes I ignore the hypocrisy and apply it anyway, but that’s only happened a handful of times. It’s just not my favorite.

Version 3

When it comes to skincare, I feel like I’m pretty thorough and open to try just about anything, but there are two types of products that aren’t welcome. Physical exfoliants used to be my holy grail for dry flakey skin, but then I tried chemical exfoliants and haven’t looked back. Though they may sound scary, chemical exfoliants are much more gentle on my sensitive skin. The other too harsh culprit? Peel off masks. No way I’m ripping something off my face. That just doesn’t even sound like a good idea.

Let’s talk haircare. I have a pretty minimalistic haircare routine and apparently that extends to the shower. I don’t when or how this happened, but I stopped using conditioner the normal way. Instead, I sometimes use it as a leave-in product whenever my hair needs a boost of moisture, but I usually opt for an oil. I really can’t tell you why. I should probably be a normal human here and just use it in the shower.

This is another behavior I really should change. I love having painted nails, but adding top coat to get the most out of my manicure? Nope, can’t do it. After the base coat and two coats of color, I’m just over it and can’t bother with the last step. It’s ridiculous. Why am I like this?!

Version 3

These lasts two never used products are really just down to me being cheap. I transitioned to green beauty about four years ago and in that time, I’ve never bought body moisturizer. Aldi, organic coconut oil, $5, no contest. The only issue is a pesky pup, who thinks it makes a delicious treat and insists on trying to lick it off my legs. Kind of gross, but a little bit funny too.

I’ve also never purchased a specific cleanser for my makeup brushes because it just seems unnecessary. I use whatever bar soap I have on hand and luckily haven’t ruined anything yet. If this is totally wrong, please enlighten me, but I think it’s safe.

What beauty products do you never use? I’m really curious! I’d love to see my fellow bloggers do this post. I think it’s a lot of fun and a little different. Of course, you can also leave a comment. Do you also forgo these products or skip totally different ones? It’s all quite personal, so it will be interesting to see everyone’s opinions.

Talk to you in a couple days!



13 thoughts on “Beauty Products I Don’t Use

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  2. Ahahah! I actually adore blush! I find that it brings some colour back to my face because I tend to look a little flat with foundation on. I also used to use peel off mask (but only once. I got a sample and hated it). They really do suck! Also, I suggest dr. bronner’s for washing your brushes. The best part is, you can literally use it for like 6583491 other things around your home!

    I have never and will never touch an eyebrow pencil. I just don’t see the point. My friends who do, always take an hour to fix their brows and get them perfect. Also, I have a noticeable birthmark on y right eyebrow so if it disappeared one day…everyone would notice lol. Great post!


    • That’s so funny, we’re makeup opposites! You love blush and I love doing my brows. It’s the one thing beyond a bb cream and concealer that I always do. It’s also funny that you mention Dr. Bronner’s because I usually use their bar soap on my brushes. I suppose I should finally commit to buying a bottle of it. You really can use it for anything so it won’t go to waste!


  3. No contour or bronzer for me. No full coverage foundation. Never used false lashes. No bodylotion.

    I am also quite happy to go completely barefaced a lot of the time.

    I love my mascara though ;)


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