Self-Care | I know I should, but don’t.

IMG_5611Self-care and Sundays go hand in hand, so I thought I would take the opportunity to reflect on the matter. Honestly, at times I can be pretty terrible at taking care of myself emotionally, physically, mentally- just all the ways. I think we all know we should always take care of ourselves, but what does that really look like?

You may have noticed that my blog posts have become rather inconsistent and this week I’ve missed two out of three. I love blogging, so that’s never the issue. I got really tired, overwhelmed, anxious and demotivated but still had to meet other demands. Feeling like you need to take a break from your life isn’t exactly a sign of balanced healthy living, yet I continue to live on the edge of being completely burnt out.

I think the key to self-care is not driving yourself to the point where you need to take a time out. You have to make lifestyle changes. It’s bigger than having a relaxing bath or journaling. Self-care is breaking up with bad habits and toxic situations too. I know this, yet I still go to bed too late, don’t pull my yoga mat out from under the bed and procrastinate when tasks stress me out. It doesn’t make sense.


I need a self-care makeover, aka actually do it. What that means is different for everyone, but here are a couple of my strategies that might work for you too.

Back to the Basics

I still have yet to settle into a new routine now that I’m back in class, so it’s a great opportunity to form new habits. Turns out when I don’t sleep enough, eat poorly, and don’t schedule in free time everyday, I feel bad. Shocking, I know. I used to be really good about prioritizing sleep and healthy eating, but somewhere that got lost. I just want to feel like I have control over those areas again. A habit tracker would be a great tool here because it’s a reminder of your goals and it feels nice to document your success.

If I’m Sad

Speaking of bullet journal spreads, I added one entitled, “If I’m sad” because sometimes you just need a pick me up. It’s a list full of activities that without fail make me feel better, so hopefully before I fall into a slump I can reference my list and pick a few things to do that will perk me up. I’m all about that self-sabotage life thanks to depression, so I need to make a list because when I feel bad, I can’t come up with those happy things on my own.

Version 4

What does self-care mean to you? For some, maybe a face mask and a manicure is all you need to give yourself a boost. I’m definitely someone who needs to put in a little more work and both are okay. I’m a firm believer that you have to put good in to get good out, so it’s time that I employ that and take self-care seriously. I encourage you to do the same.

Well, that was a rather serious discussion! If you enjoyed it, let me know and we can talk about wellness more often. On Tuesday, I’ll be back with some thoughts on skincare, so if you like more lighthearted posts, don’t worry.





10 thoughts on “Self-Care | I know I should, but don’t.

  1. This was a really great and more than anything, a relatable post. This is something I struggle with as well and it’s funny to me how everyone else can see if but me sometimes. I just found your blog and I have to say I fricking love it!


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  3. Yeah I completely get how you feel, it is so hard. However I do think that with dedication it is possible to make it part of your routine, you just have to start. I recently started going to the gym, in the beginning it was really hard to go, but now I want to go even if I didn’t plan it into my day. Maybe set a timer at a certain time of the week when you know you don’t have appointments and just take an hour to take good care of yourself. I personally have such a hard time creating a routine the last few months, but by incorperating small habits at a time I am slowely creating the routine that I used to live and loved. Good luck, I hope that things turn out great for you, I am sending you a lot of love💕 Xx Anoek


    • You’re too sweet. I hope you find your groove again! I’m working on getting back into a healthy routine too. I think you’re right, it’s all about implementing small changes that will add up. Thanks for sharing your experience and encouragement!

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  4. It’s so hard isn’t it? Just because you know you should…

    I suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and this time of year is always hard on me, and this winter has been so grey and dank and dark. Some days I can find it hard to simply get off the sofa and do anything, whether it’s housework or fun stuff. Even though I know that simply getting up and doing SOMETHING will make me feel a lot better, sometimes I really struggle to do just that.

    I feel we are always seem to be looking after everyone around us and we simply forget about ourselves

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    • My depression is always worst during the winter, so I know the feeling. You’re right, we know we just need to do something, but starting is the hardest part! I hope you get some sunshine soon and feel better.


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