A Very Real Thrift Haul

IMG_5653Happy Sunday! Hiding in my drafts was a thrift haul from the last time I hit up the Goodwill Sunday sale. Don’t you love when your past self does something nice for present you? I’m still not quite on top of blog posts (see this post) and we love a haul, so I thought I could talk you through my latest finds today. I tried on a ton of clothes as always and left with five items for $2.50. It’s not the biggest haul ever, but they rarely are. Thrifting is a lot of looking, a little buying, and sometimes all you buy are basics.


I love to layer fitted long sleeve turtlenecks, so there was no way this black and grey one wasn’t coming home with me. Tops like this keep me that extra bit warmer during colder months and the collar means I can stay toasty without having to carry a scarf around all day. Honestly, I should probably reign in my styling of turtlenecks because sometimes it gets weird and I wear them under hoodies or button down shirts. I find some odd joy in pairing garments in ways that I’m not even sure if I like. Let’s just say I’ve worn some weird outfits.

This next top was a bit of a surprise. It’s actually just a cotton cowl neck top in a size large, but when I put it on, it draped perfectly. The fit looks intentional and quite chic. I think this will be a great transitional piece for spring because it’s lightweight but still soft and cozy. It’s also one of those pieces that’s great when you’re not sure how formal you’re expected to dress. It goes with everything and doesn’t look too casual, but feels like wearing a blanket. $0.50 well spent.


Okay, definitely not the most exciting or beautiful purchase, but this blue tee is soft and comfy. It’s perfect for lazy days and bedtime. I’ve been living it in. Honestly, I kind of hoard big comfy t-shirts to wear around the house, but how can I not?


The boys’ and men’s sections are home to some of the best denim. I’ve found three pairs of jeans there and I love them all. This time I didn’t find any that had a great fit, but I did find a pair of Levi’s. They are way too big, but the drop crotch was just too good, so I bought them to turn into the perfect boyfriend shorts. I just want slightly longer pair of shorts with a relaxed fit to live in all summer and this is my chance. I think with a little tea dyeing and distressing they could be my favorite thing to wear. We’ll find out this summer, which feels so far away right now.


Last up, we have a bit of a color. In case you haven’t noticed, I wear a lot of neutrals, so I sprung for a red and white striped tee. Annoyingly, I don’t actually have it with me, so I can’t show you. Just trust me, it’s cute. The last thing I needed is another stripey shirt, but I love every one I see. It’s a problem.

Do you like thrift hauls? If you do, I’m happy to do more. I promise I buy more interesting things than this! Happy thrifting.



11 thoughts on “A Very Real Thrift Haul

  1. As much as I love going through people’s hauls, it disturbs me slightly to see people pay retail. I always forget how much clothes actually cost. Of course, if everyone thrifted, there’d be nothing left for me ;)



    • Usually the items are more expensive, this particular store just happens to have a really good sale every week! Normally everything is over $5, buuut I only shop on sale days :) Thanks for reading!


  2. Wow, you bought all of that for 2.50? That is awesome. I love thriftshopping, but unfortunately I live in a small village were only older ladies bring used clothes so it is very hard to find something cute and it is way more expensive here. Maybe I should go to a city where there are a bit more fun pieces to buy! Thanks for sharing, loved reading it and seeing the cute pieces you bought.💕 Xx

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    • Glad you enjoyed it! The prices are typically higher here too, but every Sunday certain items are reduced to 50 cents, so I only go then. I think trying different areas is a good idea! There are some stores that I never find anything at, and others where I seem to always leave with something. Good luck!


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